Scalped DC TV Pilot from The Flash Producer Moving Forward

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Comic book adaptations are taking the small screen by storm, with a growing number of television series based on both DC and Marvel properties in development. DC Entertainment has already established a popular roster of TV shows based on its most popular characters, with The CW network claiming the favorable Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash series, while CBS runs with the Critic's Choice award winner Supergirl and FOX takes on the Batman franchise with crime-drama GothamWhile these shows continue to grow in popularity, DC's TV universe production slate looks set to expand even further.

Almost two years on from initial reports, WGN America has announced that a TV series based on the critically acclaimed Vertigo comics title Scalped is finally moving forward.

According to EW, the pilot of the crime/western series has been given the green light and will be executive-produced by Geoff Johns, who is a prolific contemporary comic book writer and is well known for his work on The Flash and Arrow, in addition to recently taking the executive producer’s chair on Suicide Squad, the third instalment in DC's extended universe. Doug Jung, who has co-written the script for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond and co-produced the action-drama series Banshee, will be working alongside Johns on the forthcoming adaptation as an executive producer and writer.

The Scalped comic book series, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by R. M. Guéra, first debuted in 2007. Over the course of 60 issues, we followed the story of Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse, a Native American FBI agent who has been estranged from his South Dakota reservation for fifteen years, but returns as part of an undercover operation to find evidence linking Lincoln Red Crow, the Sheriff of the Tribal Police, to the murder of two FBI agents thirty years prior.

The monthly publication was met with near universal praise throughout its run, making it a strong candidate for adaptation. WGN's television pilot, featuring a predominantly Native American cast, will concentrate on what happens to the community when Dash returns to the “rez”.  The series will offer a significant contrast to DC's latest television venture, the superhero-lite comedy Powerlesswhich is currently in development.

In a complete change of direction, it is conceivable that Scalped will be underscored with darker issues of organized crime, rampant poverty, local politics, substance abuse and the preservation of cultural identity should it become a complete series. This news emerges as WGN America continues to seek to establish itself as a producer of original drama. While the supernatural series Salem enters its third season, the network has also given the ‘go’ sign to a second pilot, an adaptation of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s 1971 novel, Roadside Picnic.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on Scalped as development continues.

Source: EW

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