Scalped Comic Book TV Pilot Casts Its Carol Red Crow


The issue of whitewashing has become a contentious one in the past few years. Though it's been a problem since the dawn of televsion and movies, social media and a generation of moviegoers and TV audiences more primed for activism have brought the issue into the mainstream. Last year, Doctor Strange found itself at the center of a debate on the subject, and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell is mired in talks about whitewashing itself. Luckily, there are still producers willing to honor the representation in their source material, and Scalped looks to be one of them.

It's been almost a year since word broke that DC head and Arrowverse producer Geoff Johns would be taking on a TV adaptation of the Vertigo comic. Just yesterday, it was announced the pilot was moving forward on WGN with directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi of the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4Banshee and Star Trek: Beyond writer Doug Jung will also serve as a producer along with Johns. Word is the series will cast predominantly Native American actors in an effort to honor the source material, a crime drama based on a reservation.

As reported by Varietythe first actor to be cast on the series will honor that promise. Lily Gladstone will be playing Carol Red Crow, the daughter of tribe leader Chief Lincoln Red Crow. Not only is Gladstone a Native American who spent her early years on the Rez, but she's actually a descendant from the Red Crow tribe.

Carol's character is described as intelligent yet rebellious, a personality which drove her away from her father. However, the show will see her return in an attempt to leverage power in her own way. The 2007 comic garnered praise and many fans thanks to its modern Western feel set in a Native American community. Given how much this past year's events have demonstrated how marginalized the country's indigenous people still are, it's fitting that media is picking up the torch and telling the stories that aren't often heard.


Scalped won't be alone, either, as was recently learned, the first cast member for FOX's upcoming X-Men Series would be a Native American mutant. As is usually the case, TV is far quicker to properly represent people outside of the majority. Hopefully, film will start to follow.

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Scalped currently has no release date, but Screen Rant will keep you updated as news emerges.

Source: Variety

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