New Details On 'Saw VII 3D'

Saw VII writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan - who previously wrote the 4th, 5th, and 6th entries in the horror franchise  - chatted with Bloody Disgusting about the importance of 3D in the new film, some hints at the structure of its narrative, and whether this actually WILL be the final Saw movie.

Although the screenwriting duo responsible for Saw VII did not reveal any explicit plot details, they did confirm that the latest film involves several characters from previous Saw ventures that managed to survive the gruesome traps set upon them by the killer Jigsaw and his followers.

Here - in essence - is the central premise of Saw VII in Dunstan's own words:

"A villain has decided to put them in a room with their worst vice and by god, a handful of 'em survived…what do they want? Do they want revenge? Would they like to protect that? Where could that series go?"

The two writers did confirm the return of a specific character - one who would not merely re-appear via flashbacks or recycled footage from an earlier Saw film.  They also offered assurances that Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) would appear as well since - according to Melton - "the scenes that are never cut down are the ones with Tobin."

Will Saw VII have a flashback-heavy plot structure similar to that of Saw VI - especially given the involvement of characters from previous Saw films?  Possibly - according to Dunstan - as "there will be elements that have to be revealed. And that's the benefit of having a nice fractured timeline, is you can always fill in elements of the past to support a nice moment in the future, in the present."

Of course there's also the issue of whether Saw VII will indeed be the concluding chapter in the franchise that coined the phrase "torture porn."  While Melton felt that audiences would "feel a great amount of closure on where the franchise began and where it ends at the end of this one," Dunstan was a bit more ambiguous:

"There are certain questions, I guess, that are answered that will provide a satisfaction to this. I mean, pretty much we're trying to dance around the idea that we're not supposed to say s--- about whether it's the last one or not. We're just not."

Translation?  Wait and see after the opening weekend box office results are in.


Both screenwriters were keen to stress that Saw VII was not only conceived from the beginning as a 3D experience - so the movie will be shot in that format, rather than converted during post-production - but that the extra dimension would not be used as a "cheap gag" or gimmick as it has been in previous horror films.

Dunstan had the following to say as well:

"... What I loved about the idea of potentially going into a 'Saw' movie in 3-D was not the sense of something poking you in the eye, which could be nauseating, but the sense of immersion. Like, we can actually put the audience in a trap this year. That's bad-ass. That hasn't been done. And now, when the audience recoils from something out of fright, the image is built to chase you."

He also hinted that there would be the inclusion of a trap in Saw VII that he and Melton had originally conceived when writing Saw IV - one that had been left out of the franchise so far as it had been branded too brutal and disgusting to include.


For the full interview with the screenwriters - which also includes thoughts from the two on Saw VII director Kevin Greutert - you should go HERE.

Saw VII will attack regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 22, 2010.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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