New Saw Movie Might Have Trap Scene Worse Than The Needle Pit

Shawnee Smith as Amanda in Saw II

The director of the new Saw reboot teases a sickening death scene. The Saw franchise was created back in 2003 when James Wan directed a short that ultimately led to a feature-length film in 2004. Saw has gotten many sequels over the years, most recently Jigsawwhich was released two years ago.

In a surprising announcement, it was revealed that Chris Rock was developing a Saw reboot with plans to release the film next year. Saw began filming in June and was finished by the end of August, which helped Saw move up its release date by five months to May 2020. Not much is known about the story and how (or if) it connects to the previous Saw films, but Rock will star in the film as a detective named Zeke who is investigating gruesome murders, similar to Danny Glover's role in the original film. Samuel L. Jackson was cast in Saw as Zeke's father, along with Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols. The film will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who has now teased a gruesome death in the film.

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On Twitter, Bousman teased a scene for the new Saw by posting about the film. Bousman explains that his team is editing a scene that is comparable to the needle pit scene from Saw II. Bousman previously directed Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV, while also co-writing Saw II with Leigh Whannell. Bousman's full tweet can be seen below:

The Saw franchise is known for being a horror series with over the top gore, with each sequel seemingly topping the last. That being said, some people critique the Saw films for relying on gore for cheap scares, which is fair to say given the lackluster reviews for later sequels including Jigsaw. Despite the poor reviews for some of the Saw films, the horror series has proven to be a profitable franchise for Lionsgate, which is why the series just won't seem to die.

With Jigsaw getting panned by fans and critics, Rock's Saw will need to do something different if it has any hope of getting a sequel. Saw will likely have over the top gore since it is a staple of the franchise, but the series could benefit from Rock's comedic background if it implements some dark comedy. With Bousman being a veteran of the Saw series, he was no doubt a safe choice for the director's chair, but he will need to infuse the new Saw with something more than just gratuitous violence to win over audiences.

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Source: Darren Lynn Bousman/Twitter

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