Saw: Legacy Casts Supergirl’s Laura Vandervoort

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Frustrated with how his career was going in the early 2000s, actor Leigh Whannell decided to write his own movie and make it with his film school classmate James Wan as the director. They didn't initially expect to have any kind of budget or studio support. But the script began to gain attention in the industry, and after they filmed a single scene as a short film, they managed to get Evolution Entertainment's attention. They were given a small budget and made one of the most financially successful horror films ever with Saw.

The series hasn't had a new installment in nearly seven years, what with the last film being titled Saw: The Final Chapter, but a new chapter is indeed being made. This time, it'll be called Saw: Legacy and be directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, who helmed two Ethan Hawke genre thrillers, Daybreakers and Predestination. While there hasn't been much revealed about the plot, there's a good chance it'll involve some nasty traps of some sort, ready to maim and murder those unlucky enough to find themselves caught in them. And now, fans know at least two actors who might find themselves at the mercy of Jigsaw.

According to Variety, Saw: Legacy has cast Laura Vandervoort and Hannah Anderson, though at this time there is no information as to who they are playing.

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Vandervoort is probably best known for her television roles. She rose to fame playing Kara/Supergirl on Smallville, and went from playing one alien to another when she was cast as Lisa on VMost recently, she's played Elena for three seasons on Bitten and has returned to her roots playing Indigo for three episodes in season 1 of Supergirl. As for movies, she had roles in Ted and This Means War. Anderson, meanwhile, has also worked primarily in television, appearing in multiple episodes of both Gangland Undercover and Shoot the Messenger.

If Saw: Legacy follows the format of the earlier seven films, there are a few different options for the types of characters Vandervoort and Anderson might play. The obvious answer is that they will be victims, but they could also be police, followers/fans of Jigsaw, family of victims, or people he encountered in his life before turning to kidnapping and killing. Or, maybe this film will try something new and they will play entirely new types of characters as the Jigsaw mythology grows.

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Saw: Legacy will be released October 27, 2017.  Just in time for Halloween.

Source: Variety

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