Saw II Trailer: De-evolution

Although when I reviewed Saw I only gave it two stars, it was still (if you're a horror movie fan) an interesting concept for a film and I liked the fact that the characters were "real". The sequel has already stirred up controversy with the MPAA squelching the poster for the film.

Unfortunately with the amazing financial success of the first film, it seems like the second one is entering the land of stock characters. Yahoo! Movies has the trailer for the upcoming Saw II, and it's just chock full of a cross section of young/hip characters worthy of any season of Survivor.

Personally, I think that having a cast consisting mainly of characters that look like twenty-something male and female models detracts from the impact of the film. Having a somewhat pudgy Cary Elwes in the first film and the everyman Danny Glover made the movie seem less like a typical teen slasher flick that one watches "from the outside" and more of a film that sucked you in.

No matter, I'm sure it will make oodles of money.

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