Chris Rock's Saw Reboot Finishes Filming

Filming has wrapped on Chris Rock’s Saw reboot, director Darren Lynn Bousman reveals. A major part of the then-burgeoning torture porn horror craze, 2004’s Saw proved to be a huge money maker with a worldwide gross of $103 million on a minuscule budget of just $1.2 million. With returns like that, it was no surprise when Saw launched an entire franchise that ran for eight movies, ending with 2017’s Jigsaw (named after the series’ sadistic main villain).

But after Jigsaw rousted up only $38 million domestically, the second-lowest total for any Saw film, it seemed the horror franchise had finally run its course. Now though, Saw is getting another life thanks to a very unlikely new writer and star: comedian Rock. The Saw reboot headed up by Rock was announced back in May, and quickly headed into production with Saw franchise veteran Bousman at the helm, James Wan and Leigh Wannell both executive producing and Samuel L. Jackson named to the cast.

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Now, just two months after the beginning of filming was announced, Bousman himself revealed on Twitter that shooting on the Saw reboot has wrapped. See the director’s happy tweet in the space below:

It’s not yet known how exactly the new Saw will connect back to the earlier films, but it has been revealed that the film, tentatively titled The Organ Donor, will follow Rock’s character Zeke as he investigates a series of murders reminiscent of the crimes perpetrated by Jigsaw. Jackson reportedly will play Rock’s father, which in itself could make for some amazing entertainment. The cast also includes Max Minghella as Zeke’s partner William and Frank Licari as Zeke’s brother Charlie, along with Marisol Nichols as Zeke’s boss Captain Garcia.

Now that filming has finished on Saw the reboot, a first trailer for the new film should be along relatively quickly. Though it’s not yet known exactly what Rock and company plan to do with their take on Saw, it’s probably not a stretch to assume that things will go down more of a horror-comedy road a la Jordan Peele. With the ever provocative Rock involved as a writer and producer, it would not be a surprise if the film also featured some Peele-like social commentary. Indeed, in the wake of Peele's emergence, it would almost seem like a waste of time for someone like Rock to bring back Saw if he didn't mean to use the horror property as a vehicle for some kind of social critique or satire. Of course, the film will also surely deliver on the horror level, meaning there should be more than enough sadistic and bloody torture included to keep long-time franchise fans happy.

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Saw the reboot releases in theaters on May 15, 2020.

Source: Darren Lynn Bousman

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