'Saw 8' May Happen

Saw 8 movie may happen after Saw 3D

The Saw horror movie series is truly desperate to hold on to the title of "Franchise That Is Harder To Kill Than A Terminator," isn't it?

It seems that the seventh entry in the franchise, Saw 3D, may not be the last movie that concerns the wacky adventures of Jigsaw and his master plan - which, at this point, is so ludicrously complicated that it makes the schematics of the psychological heist in Inception or the plot of Lost seem like child's play in comparison.

Moviegoers have taken the "this will be the last one!" promises from the writers of Saw 3D and even Lionsgate executives with, well, a bucket of salt up to now.  But money talks in Hollywood and the Saw movies are - if nothing else - excellent proof of that.

Actress Betsy Russell (Jigaw's ex-wife Jill in the films) is the first one to acknowledge that Saw 8 could happen.  She even manages to appear genuinely enthused about the idea, as you'll note in the quote below:

"Before we thought it was ending [with Saw 3D], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for Saw 8].  It's an amazing story that I would love to see... We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak.  But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [Saw 8] will happen."

Russell apparently said all this while keeping a straight face - Daniel Day-Lewis, eat your heart out. ;)

Saw 3D movie teaser trailer poster last movie in franchise

What might the plot of Saw 8 entail then?  Could the latest Saw victims be trapped in a space shuttle that is orbiting the earth?  Maybe a group of scientists will clone Jigsaw, but inadvertently give him bear traps for hands and thus set him off on a new quest for revenge.  The possibilities are endless! :-P

The release date for Saw 3D was pushed back a week so that it would not compete with Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend.  Those that love gory horror violence, do us all a favor and pass on seeing it anyway, cool?

Saw 3D arrives in regular and, yes, 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: New York Post

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