New Behind-The-Scenes Footage from 'Saw VI'

Five Minutes in heaven with the cast and crew of Saw VI.  From us to you by Shock Til You Drop via Coming SoonClick here to see their madcap hijinks!  It must be a law that all dudes in this movie have to have a scratchy voice.  Coupled with.... the right... pauses... it has the unmistakable air of bad intentions.  Sadly, it's not nearly as scary with all those sound and camera guys everywhere.

Since we both know why you watch Saw movies, I'm not gonna bore you with plot details, but I will say that Coming Soon reports that in Saw VI, Jigsaw's grand scheme will be revealed(!).  Spoiler alert: To make... a gajillion... dollars!!!

For those who don't know, the sixth installment of the franchise that's grossed more than $650MM worldwide was directed by Kevin Gruetert (who's worked in the editorial department on everything from Armageddon to Donnie Darko to George of the Jungle 2) and written by Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton.  Those two are committed to writing Saw VII and Saw VIII as well.  The film stars Tobin Bell, who could be seen on Alias, The Sopranos and The West Wing before he got so busy torturing people and Costas Mandylor, who played a friar on Sex and the City a lil' while ago.

Check out the clip:

Saw VI to hit theaters October 23rd, 2009.

Source: Shock Til You Drop, Coming Soon

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