Saw VI Teaser & First Clip, Saw VII On The Way

Due to the baffling fact that the Saw movies keep making money at the box office, it's no surprise they just keep shoving out making more and more of them. The franchise that kicked off what we now know as 21st century "torture porn" (some say it started decades ago, only in a different shape), Saw will see it's sixth installment hit theaters this October, and now we learn that the rumors we previously reported are now confirmed: Saw VII has been greenlit and is on the way.

But first we have the first teaser trailer and first clip from Saw VI, which just came online yesterday. I think the Saw movies got past the point of an actual story a few films ago (or is that just me?) and is now, as it has been since the third one, just about how gruesome they can get with different traps.

The teaser trailer isn't half bad I must admit, with a creative use of moving about the kind of dank and dreary location we've come to associate with the franchise. The clip is also pretty cool, and serves as an appropriate out of context showcase for fans of the franchise. [Clip removed by request of the studio] Check out both the teaser and the clip below (moderate NSFW warning):

The Trailer

Now onto the news about Saw VII:

Variety is reporting that David Hackl - director of Saw V and production designer on Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV - has been pegged to take the directing reigns for the seventh movie (funnily enough he didn't direct the upcoming sixth installment). It seems that they're going with the scribes of the gorier sequels, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI). Mark Burg and Oren Koules will produce, as they have for all six films in the franchise.

It's interesting to note that Saw VII's writers, Dunstan and Melton, also wrote the upcoming horror-thriller, The Collector, which was actually first conceived to be a prequel of sorts to the Saw franchise. Go figure.

I lost interest in the Saw franchise right around the point a guy was being drowned in mashed up pig fluid in the third movie. To me, that's when it crossed the line from gory franchise with some smart ideas and intellectual stimulation for the audience, to just plain torture porn.

As I have said before, I know there is a strong audience for that kind of stuff, and I'm not taking anything away from them. If some people love that kind of thing in their horror, that's fine. But personally it's just not my thing, and unless I see some wildly positive, "the franchise has turned around," praise, I won't be bothering with Saw VI or Saw VII.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the hell they keep making the Saw movies here's your answer: The first five combined have brought in over $650 million at the box office. For a horror franchise that's gone on this long, those are impressive numbers.

What do you make of the first teaser and clip from Saw VI? Are you interesting in seeing it or its now greenlit sequel, Saw VII?

Saw VI opens on October 23rd, 2009. Saw VII's production is set to start in January, 2010, and even though no release date has been set, you can expect an October release once again.

Sources: ShockTillYouDrop, TrailerAddict and Variety

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