New 'Saw 3D' TV Spot, Foreign Poster & Billboard

Saw 7 Saw 3D movie TV Spot

Every time Saw 3D is referred to as "the final cut," "the final chapter," or just "the last one," my eyes perform quite the elaborate roll-around within the confines of my skull.

The first TV spot for the seventh Saw pic has appeared, along with a new billboard promoting the movie - and both are very clear on the fact that this new entry in the gruesome horror franchise is intended to be the concluding chapter.

Kevin Greutert has been a longtime editor for the Saw series and directed the previous film, Saw VI.  That chapter was given arguably the best overall critical reception of any of the Saw sequels, though it suffered at the box office due to competition from Paranormal Activity.

One year later and LionsGate is looking to avoid a repeat of last October by releasing Saw 3D a week after Paranormal Activity 2 hits theaters.  The seventh film to feature Tobin Bell as the killer Jigsaw has been backed by a stronger marketing campaign than its predecessor and hopes to draw in moviegoers looking for a good scare (or at least something shocking and gory) over the Halloween holiday weekend.

Saw 3D claims to be "the first theatrical feature to be shot exclusively on the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system," and the full-length trailer for the movie indicates that the immersive 3D experience will actually be worth the more expensive ticket price for die-hard horror fans.  The first TV spot also focuses primarily on this aspect of the film, as you will see below:

Next up check out this foreign poster for Saw 3D that basically takes the concept of the one the early Saw 3D motion posters and makes it a little more two-dimensional and dangerous:

saw 3d foreign poster

Finally, a billboard promoting the feature has been released as well - one which alludes to the cat-and-mouse nature of Jigsaw's games, which Saw 3D will have plenty of and then some.  The most shocking quality of this new billboard (which you can check out in the photo below) is that it does not feature a severed limb or a cringe-inducing closeup of someone's anatomy.  For the Saw movies, it is positively mild.

Saw 3D movie billboard image

Saw 3D will reportedly wrap up all the loose plot threads and resolve the unanswered questions raised in previous entries in the Saw franchise.  Could Saw 8 still happen if the seventh film proves lucrative at the box office?  Does the word "reboot" sound frustratingly familiar? :-P

Saw 3D arrives in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

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