'Saw 3D' French TV Spot & FB Poster

Saw 3D movie French TV spot

Jigsaw is back for one last (promise?) game full of deadly traps and disturbing consequences for those that fail to pass his "tests" in this month's torture porn flick, Saw 3D.

The latest and reportedly final installment in the Saw franchise is being promoted in a new TV ad for French viewers and has a new, artistically creative one-sheet available for checking out as well.

Saw 3D reveals that the diabolical Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) may be long gone, but his destructive legacy is not yet complete (quite literally, in the official movie poster). Jigsaw's master plan has one more phase and it involves a group of individuals that have survived his previous traps, as well as self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flannery) - a man whose own dark secrets have troubling consequences for his traumatized peers.

The full Saw 3D trailer includes lots of footage of franchise newcomers getting (what else?) tortured and battling to survive against an array of twisted traps and machinery. This new French TV spot includes some additional footage from the film - including a look at (SPOILER ALERT) one familiar face from the first Saw movie.

Check out the French TV promo for Saw 3D below:

Those that are not fluent in French and/or don't get the gist of what Jigsaw is saying in this foreign TV spot should also check out its English-language counterpart from the UK (see below):

An unusual poster for Saw 3D has been released in the form of a metal craft collage of Tobin Bell's face. It is a neat little image, but you can only check it out on the official Saw Facebook page, which must be "liked" beforehand - still, it's definitely worth a look for fans.

Official FB Page for Saw

Will Saw 3D at last conclude the horror franchise? Could Saw 8 still happen if the seventh movie is a financial hit in theaters? Best to not hold your breath and expect either one to happen, for now.

Saw 3D hits 2D and 3D screens in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: Lionsgate, Facebook

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