Alternate Endings May Allow For 'Saw 3D' Sequels

Saw 3D alternate endings allow for sequels

The seventh installment to the record-breaking annual horror franchise, Saw 3D, is taking the series in a new direction, but is apparently not going far in that direction. Coming in 3D for the first time ever but touted as "the final chapter," Saw 3D brings back many of the key characters we've become familiar with over the last seven years, including the star of the original Saw, Cary Elwes.

While at New York Comic-Con's press event for Saw 3D, director Kevin Greutert and cast were all asked the one key question on everyone's mind: Is this really the last Saw movie?

Many fans doubt that Saw 3D will be the last of the series as they understand that money talks in Hollywood. And you can be sure that there will be lots of money for this movie as it's being marketed more than the previous films, marketed as the grand finale, and has the added box office power from the higher 3D ticket prices.

All of these points and more were raised but Greutert and his cast were confident in saying the studio won't make more after this. They also emphasized that they wanted to go out with a "bang" in Saw 3D. For that reason, it makes sense that they brought back Elwes and marketed this as the horror movie event to see with the assumption that (mostly) everyone would be killed off by the end with no confusing plot threads left hanging.

But again, if this movie banks big, why wouldn't they make another?

Costas Mandylor talks about Saw 3D alternate endings and sequels

I spoke with Costas Mandylor (who plays Hoffman in Saw 3D, an increasingly key player in the story since his introduction in Saw III), about this to see if it was possible to continue the franchise after this one if they needed to. You know, hypothetically speaking of course.  Specifically, I wanted to know if they left it open for his character or others to continue their story in further sequels or spin-offs down the line.

“I think there is but they always shoot alternate endings and I never know if I’m dead or not... A lot of people I’m not sure if they’re coming back or not. I don’t think they do it to confuse us. They do it to give themselves options. But there is a possibility. It depends on which ending they use.”

It's not too surprising that they shot multiple endings for this Saw movie, considering the bonus features we've seen in the previous installments and the alternate endings that came with the Saw video game - but for the "final chapter" it does raise some interesting discussion. The different endings allow the producers and director to pick and choose who lives and dies should they decide to continue the franchise.

It may be the final chapter, but they can always open a new book...

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Saw 3D hits 2D and 3D screens on October 29th, 2010.

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