New Image Of A Familiar Face in 'Saw 3D'

Jigsaw, in some form or another, will be back and ready to play another twisted game in Saw 3D, which arrives in theaters this October.  Based off the official trailer, the seventh entry in the Saw series  promises to be a no-holds-barred horror experience for fans of the genre.

Saw 3D features the return of several characters from previous chapters in the Saw saga, including Costas Mandylor as Detective Mark Hoffman, Betsy Russell as former Mrs. Jigsaw herself, Jill Tuck, and of course Tobin Bell as the devious mastermind behind it all (despite his character having been dead for several movies now).

This seventh installment revolves around a group of individuals that managed to survive Jigsaw's deadly games and gruesome traps in previous films - naturally, they were left more than a bit psychologically traumatized by their experiences.  Self-help guru Bobby Dagen (played by franchise newcomer Sean Patrick Flanery) offers his assistance in helping the survivors move on, though his own dark past soon - according to the official plot synopsis - "unleashes a new wave of terror."

One particular character from the first Saw film will also return for Saw 3D.  Those who wish to remain in the dark about who this mystery character is until they actually see the movie should stop here - SPOILER AHEAD.



Still here?  Check out the new image from Saw 3D below, which features an all-too familiar face:

Cary Elwes image Dr. Gordon from Saw 7 Saw 3D movie

That's right - none other than Dr. Lawrence Gordon  (Cary Elwes) will be one of the survivors seeking (and assumedly failing to find) closure in Saw 3D.  The character was last seen in the first Saw, dragging himself out of the bathroom due to that whole sawing-his-own-leg-off thing.  The previously-released comic book spinoff Saw: Rebirth revealed some additional history about the doctor and why exactly Jigsaw chose to target him - suffice it to say, Dr. Gordon has done some less than admirable deeds in the past.

Will the amputated doctor make it to the end of Saw 3D alive?  Whatever his ultimate fate may be, Saw 3D director Kevin Greutert - who also directed Saw VI and worked as an editor on the first five films in the franchise - has promised that the seventh Saw pic will wrap the series up.

Here is how he put it in a recent interview with Official Saw News:

"We would like to go out with a bang, not a whimper, so everyone has agreed to decree 'Saw 3D' the final chapter.  No one wants to see the series deteriorate in quality, as is often the case when something good goes on for too long."

Saw 3D movie teaser trailer poster last movie in franchise

Rumors that Saw 8 could happen have already sprung up, while a lot of moviegoers would argue that the Saw franchise is already well past its prime.  We will just have to wait and see how the seventh Saw fares at the box office, before we know for certain whether or not this series is definitely going to end.

Saw 3D arrives in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on October 29th, 2010.

Source: Official Saw News

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