ABC Asks Viewers to Help Save 'Happy Endings' - Will it Work?

Happy Endings - Save Promo

It's been a rough past few months for the ABC comedy series Happy Endings starring Casey Wilson, Zachart Knighton, Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally and Damon Wayans Jr., and the future of the series seems to be in question.

First, the show started airing an extra episode on Sundays in addition to the normal Tuesday timeslot, but the weekend ratings weren't up to snuff so that plan was nixed. Now the show has been switched to Fridays, a day that usually spells the beginning of the end for any series - except in rare instances (like the survival of Fringe). Thankfully, ABC isn't simply giving up on the show.

Happy Endings returns to ABC's schedule next week on March 29th, and a new promo for what will be an hour-long, back-to-back block of episodes speaks to viewers saying, "You can save Happy Endings!" Here's the TV spot in question from The Hollywood Reporter:

If the network itself is telling viewers to watch in order to save the series, that's a pretty good indicator that the series is on its way out the door and may not get picked up for a fourth season. Of course, this should be no surprise to fans as the series has always hung on by a small thread from the beginning, with a #SaveHappyEndings hashtag on Twitter popping up since 2011.

Now it really seems to be the time to call audiences to action. The show has been ABC's lowest rated, non-Friday scripted show, and TV By the Numbers pegs series cancellation as a guarantee at this point (they're usually right on the money). Even with a boost in key demographics coming from DVR numbers, it's just not enough.

ABC's push to fans to save the series is nice and hopeful, but it doesn't seem like they're trying all that hard. It'll be up to the viewers whether or not ABC saves the show, and that seems like it'll take a miracle at this point. If worst comes to worst, maybe a cable network like TBS, which saved Cougar Town, will pick up the pieces. Do you think Happy Endings has the power to defy death again?

Save Happy Endings by watching when it returns March 29th at 8/7c on ABC


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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