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Bruce: You had me at "my parents are dead" -Shazam ⚡️

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The DCEU’s Batman (Ben Affleck) and the Arrowverse’s Flash (Grant Gustin) have one thing in common: both of their parents are dead. We all know the story of Bruce Wayne’s origin like the back of our hand, so it’s no surprise this meme’s dark comedy is striking.

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target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Justice League gave us a glimpse at Ezra Miller’s Flash’s origin when he visited his father at prison. Soon after, Batman recruited him for the Justice League. But say, if it was Gustin’s Flash who Batfleck had recruited, there’s no denying they would’ve become the best of besties. Batman gets along especially well with other superheroes who’ve lost their parents, as weird as that sounds. Robin, Superman, and we can add the Arrowverse’s Flash to the group as well.

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