15 Savage Batman V Superman Memes

Superhero movies have undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The introduction of the MCU produced a connected movie universe that had never been done before. Eventually DC comics began its own movie universe, the DCEU, starting with the release of Man of Steel.

In 2016, the DCEU finally began branching off by introducing Batman and Wonder Woman to the DCEU in Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe film’s release generated mixed reviews, but it also introduced more of the DC universe by expanding on characters like Lex Luthor and Doomsday, as well as cameo appearances by future Justice League members.

Despite the film's mixed reception, bringing two of DC’s major players to the big screen has had a noticeable impact. Regardless of whether people enjoyed it or not, the film still served an important purpose. It was able to usher in a new wave of pop culture references.

An example of this contribution includes a swarm of new memes about the film’s best moments and memorable quotes. Batman v. Superman has been responsible for producing some of the best memes in superhero culture to date.

Here are the 15 Savage Batman v Superman Memes.

15 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Chins 

The argument of who is the better hero between these DC juggernauts is something fans have been debating for ages. The debate on who is the more popular actor between Cavill and Affleck is also a popular topic.

As a result, this leads to disputes among fans on who has the most style and appeal. The meme above is an example of an off-screen debate. Both actors sport their own design, but it isn't just their costumes that grab people's attention. Another aspect that stands out is the chiseled frames of their chins.

While not directly crucial to the overall impact of DCEU’s Batman and Superman, it remains an important topic. After all, it’s hard not to look at Affleck or Cavill with chins like theirs.

14 Critics Can’t See The Bigger picture 

Batman v Superman has received both equal amounts of praise and criticism. The criticisms mainly talk about the confusing plot, and the Martha moment behind Batman and Superman’s truce.

However, one important aspect of the film is that it produced some unforgettable lines. Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor and, despite the youth and inexperience he brought to the character, he also brought with him a plethora of memorable quotes.

In one such quote, Lois Lane calls him psychotic, which he counters by saying: “it’s a three-syllable word for ideas too big for little minds.” This quote also happens to perfectly apply to arguments against critics who claim the film is terrible.

In a way, it defends the film by claiming that it is only a small part of the bigger picture. By using a memorable quote to deliver an argument, this meme also manages to make a statement.

13 They Call him Baba Yaga 

In the year following Batman v Superman’s release, another memorable film soon followed. John Wick 2 received a hugely positive response. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film's approval rating reaches 89%, approximately 62% higher than Batman v Superman.

Recently, John Wick earned himself his own comic series, providing insight into his origins before he became the feared Baba Yaga. Since both films now have a comic series, you could argue which is the better comic book movie, but this would generate some disapproval from fans.

This meme illustrates a point that should have been made clear the first time we saw the legendary assassin on the big screen. You do not mess with a guy crazy enough to take on the crime world by himself. Unless you want to be the next person Wick stabs to death with a pencil.

12 Behind Every Great Man is a Great Martha

Throughout the film, Batman and Superman make it clear that they do not trust each other. Superman disapproves of Batman’s vigilantism and brutal methods to fight Gotham’s criminal element. On the other hand, Batman does not trust Superman after the destruction that was caused to Gotham in his fight with Zod. Basically the vigilante and the alien have entirely different philosophies.

Due to Lex Luthor’s interference, both Batman and Superman fight with the intent to eliminate the other. Thanks to his technology and kryptonite spear, Batman manages to get the upper hand on Superman. When Superman thinks that he has failed in rescuing his mother, Martha, he asks Batman to save her.

Seeing that Batman's own mother was also named Martha, his heart strings are pulled just enough to form an alliance with Superman. The Martha meme was then born to reflect this incredulous moment.

11 He’s Batman! 

Considering that this film is a sequel to Man of Steel, it's quite unusual that Batman’s name comes first in the title. Many fans have taken this opportunity to create a meme to make fun of this situation. However, people unfamiliar with the franchise might question the relevance of this meme.

While you could argue that it reads better than Superman v Batman would have, this meme jokes it’s only because he is Batman. The movie may be a sequel for Superman, but it’s also an important moment for Batman. It is a moment where Batman reminds Superman and the audience not to underestimate him, despite being just a man.

In the end, Batman succeeds in bringing Superman to his knees. Thus, regardless if you are a hero or a villain, it’s crucial that you never make an enemy out of Batman.

10 The Ultimate Enemy 

When it comes to Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor isn't the main threat of the movie and neither is Doomsday. The real villain is Rotten Tomatoes. For many films in the DCEU, the aggregated scores are extremely low. Unquestionably, the DCEU does not have the same critical success as the MCU.

Rotten Tomatoes takes into consideration a consensus of people’s reviews and presents a percentage score based on positive feedback. While Batman v Superman may bring up important political and philosophical debates, those are not the only things that fans take into consideration.

Other times, it also depends on how the viewers connect with the characters on the big screen. If they find that the characters they admire are misrepresented, or don't live up to their reputation, the lack of enthusiasm spreads.

9 The Year of the Villain

The same year of Batman v Superman’s release, Marvel also released Captain America: Civil War. The movies both share the theme of two opposing groups of heroes fighting one another due to conflicting ideologies. Batman v Superman as well as Captain America: Civil War symbolized 2016 as the year of conflict between heroes.

Ironically, while the heroes were busy fighting, the villains were left to pick up the slack. This is where Suicide Squad comes in. The team of criminals is brought together by high-ranking government officials to deal with a major threat.

Where the heroes failed to live up to their responsibilities, the villains succeeded in saving the day. As a result, the villains rose to power to become the saviors we need.

8 Bleed Off 

The main battle in Batman v Superman is an important event in both comic and movie history. The first time fans heard Batman say the words “Do you bleed?”, they knew that the gauntlet had been officially thrown down.

This line generated quite a few memes that point out the similarities between Batman and Superman. They have both suffered heavy losses, but on different scales. This takes on a macabre element, and turns it into a contest to see who can make the other suffer more.

While Batman's parents were murdered in front of him, his billionaire status means he has the choice to live any life he wants. Superman has no choice but to make a new life on a planet. Real low blow there, Batman.

7 The Real Batman v Superman

One of the first portrayals of the confrontation between Batman and Superman was in Superman: The Animated Series. In the 3-part episode "World’s Finest", Luthor attempts to hire the Joker to kill Superman.

This resulted in the villains partnering up and forced Superman and Batman in to their first ever joint conflict. Once they successfully defeat their respective supervillains, the heroes realized they make a good team and they formed the Justice League.

This animated series demonstrates how TV adaptations of DC characters and their arcs are often more successful than their movie counterparts. This serves as a reminder of the many conflicts between Batman and Superman that have taken place throughout the course of their complicated relationship.

6 Lost Plot!

Another reason for the poor critical response to Batman v Superman was its plot. The movie felt as though the plot was shifting into several different directions, without a clear path in mind.

While the film certainly did have a story, it was an overall confusing experience for the audience. Especially if you consider the film's many questionable moments, such as the previously mentioned Martha scene. Another crucial factor to consider was the way in which the scenes were executed.

The film’s poor direction seemingly fails to tie the plot together. When Batman and Superman fight, the idea that such an intense conflict ends because their mothers have the same name is enough to confuse anyone. This doesn't even mention the Lois subplot that had her running all over the place without ever achieving anything.

5 Bane Knows Best

There are many fans who express skepticism regarding Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. In fact, according to a poll by Variety, fans still prefer Christian Bale’s portrayal of the Dark Knight over Affleck’s.

That doesn't mean that Affleck isn't trying his best to give us the Batman we deserve. However, when both the hero and the villain of the movie both manage to agree on something, then you know that there is definitely something wrong. What better way to critique Batman v Superman than having both a hero and his enemy agreeing that the film was terrible?

This is why the image of Bane and Batman looking like old friends has so much impact. While obviously comedic, it also delivers a well-placed blow to Snyder’s film.

4 Superman Started It

The infamous quote, “Do you bleed?” is a memorable quote to be sure. The line references Batman’s desire to bring Superman down a few pegs, and remind him of his own mortality. However, his inspiration for saying that is the result of what happens to him mere moments before this encounter. While chasing down a group of suspects, Batman turns a corner and slams his vehicle head on into Superman.

The result is Batman being sent flying and his vehicle is turned in to a burning wreck. In the ever-growing conflict between the two, this moment capitalizes on how lightly Superman takes Batman as a threat. That's why this is meme so funny. Superman taunts him by stealing his quote and uses it to prove his point that Batman is just a dude in a mask.

3 Trolling Doomsday

The presence of Doomsday in Batman v Superman has received both positive and negative criticism. One thing that makes him such a mixed topic of discussion is his origin. Like in the comics, Doomsday is born through the tampering of Kryptonian DNA using alien technology.

However in the film, Doomsday was created after Luthor uses alien technology to splice his blood with the corpse of General Zod. The result is a monster of unimaginable horror.

Doomsday is, in every sense of the word, an abomination and has more than enough power to destroy everything around him. The comparison of him to a rampaging cave troll is not that far of a stretch. While this meme acknowledges Doomsday as a threat, it also points out that his design is quite similar to a troll from The Lord of the Rings.

2 Bloody History

Before Batman, Affleck donned another superhero outfit. His first superhero portrayal goes back to 2003, when he played Matt Murdock in the movie adaptation of Daredevil. In the movie, Affleck’s now ex-wife Jennifer Garner played the role of Electra.

According to Affleck, his feelings toward his character were less than stellar. He claimed that he hated playing the role. Affleck's decision take on the role of Batman was so that he would get another chance to play a hero and to hopefully do it right.

With the release of Batman v Superman, the opportunity for Superman to bring up one of his greatest failures becomes too good to pass up. The idea of taunting Affleck for his negative experience as Daredevil, and the shot at his ex-wife makes this one of the most savage memes out there.

1 The Guy With The Red Suit 

Batman’s famous quote “Do you bleed?” is associated with a tense and serious atmosphere. However, it is possible to give things a comedic twist when a certain rogue element is added into the mix. This is when everyone's favorite "Merc with a Mouth" is thrown in to the mix.

As a character not limited by the fourth wall, Deadpool has infinite possibilities when it comes to memes. When Batman’s serious and dark persona meets Deadpool’s insanity a whole new level of savagery can be reached. The resulting meme is one of the best burns imaginable against Batman.

This meme is savage for taking one of Batman's most intimidating lines and connecting it to one of Deadpool's best jokes. It's a clever comparison of each character's persona and they play extremely well off of each other.


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