Sausage Party Tops Friday Box Office; Suicide Squad to Win the Weekend

Sausage Party (2016) box office opening

Warner Bros. Pictures' latest DC Extended Universe installment, Suicide Squad, is competing with an eclectic collection of newcomers during its second weekend at the U.S. box office. That roster includes Sausage Party, an R-Rated animated comedy co-written by Seth Rogen (who also voices the film's main character, Frank the sausage) and Evan Goldberg; Pete's Dragon, a re-imaginging of the Disney movie of the same name released back in 1977; and Florence Foster Jenkins, the latest prestige drama directed by Stephen Frears (Philomena) and starring Meryl Streep.

It was expected heading into the weekend that Suicide Squad would experience a significant drop-off at the domestic box office during its second weekend, similar to what happened with their year's other DCEU film release, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That proved to be the case on Friday, as Sausage Party ended up topping the U.S. box office - though, it's not currently projected to win this weekend's box office crown, too.

THR is reporting that Sausage Party grossed $13.5 million during its opening day at the U.S. box office. For now, that puts the film ahead of Suicide Squad in this weekend's box office race - as the latter managed a take of $13.35 million on Friday.

Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer

That drop-off between Suicide Squad's opening day and second Friday box office takes isn't quite as big as that which Batman V Superman experienced, but it's in the same vicinity as that film and other WB-back franchise films that experienced sizable second weekend box office drop-offs (The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and so on). That's to be expected though, as Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman earned all-but identical polarizing responses from critics and general moviegoers - so their holding power shouldn't be all that different, either.

That said: Suicide Squad is still expected to beat out Sausage Party for the weekend box office, with a projected take of $43 million vs. $31-33 million, respectively. Sausage Party was critically well-received, but it earned a B CinemaScore: a lower grade than both Suicide Squad and Rogen/Goldberg's comedy This Is the End earned, but the same grade that the Rogen-led comedy sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising earned back in May of this year. However, Sausage Party only cost $19 million to produce, so it's well on its way to making its money back - and may even kick-off a franchise, like its creators hoped it would.

Pete's Dragon (2016) - Elliot

Meanwhile, Pete's Dragon earned $8 million at the U.S. box office on Friday and is expected to open with $21-22 million total for the weekend. That's on the same level as Disney's July release The BFG: a film that is also similar to Pete's Dragon, in that it too is an atmospheric and quieter family-friendly offering. However, Pete's Dragon has an advantage over BFG in that it cost $65 million to produce - whereas BFG was budgeted at $140 million. Couple that with Pete's Dragon having earned an A CinemaScore and there is fair reason to presume that this Disney fairy tale movie will eventually turn a profit, modest in size it may be.

As for Florence Foster Jenkins: the film earned $2 million during its opening day at the U.S. box office, on its way to a projected $6 million weekend gross. The true story-based movie was never expected to be a significant box office hit, but earned much in the way of critical acclaim and an A- CinemaScore too. Not to mention: seeing as it features Oscar-nomination magnet Streep in a leading capacity, there's a reasonable chance that Florence Foster Jenkins will be back making headlines in a few months, once this year's awards season gets properly underway.

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Sausage Party is now playing in U.S. theaters. Check back on Screen Rant this Sunday for the weekend's full U.S. box office estimates!

Source: THR

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