SR Pick [Video]: Saul Bass Style 'Lost' & 'Tron' Title Sequences

Saul Bass. You've probably heard the name and are familiar with his title sequences and poster work. If you're not, you really need to check out movies like Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, Goodfellas, Big, Broadcast News and Spartacus. Those are just a few of examples of the dozens of movies with title sequences created by the late-great graphic designer and filmmaker.

Paying homage to Bass' unique, simplistic style, Vimeo user "Hexagonall" has created these two title sequences for the popular TV show Lost and the classic sci-fi movie, Tron.

Fans of either of those properties will get a kick out of these, and so will fans of the work of Saul Bass (and if you've seen any of those aforementioned movies, how could you not be a fan of him?).

Check out the two videos below (thanks to /Film and Film School Rejects for pointing us towards them):

Although they're both awesome, I have to go with the Lost sequence as my favorite (am I being biased? :P ). I particularly liked the time travel part of the sequence, with the spinning figure echoing Bass' legendary Vertigo titles. I love little videos like these that simultaneously create something fresh, but at the same time pay homage to one of the greats.

Which of the two titles do you prefer? What's your favorite title sequence or poster by Saul Bass (here's a website to help you choose)?

Source: Hexagonall (via /Film and Film School Rejects)

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