Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot Crashes the Set of SNL in New Promo

The promo for this week's Saturday Night Live features Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot making a dramatic superhero entrance. While SNL has never been out of the pop culture spotlight for long, the past year has seen it rocket back to relevance. Thanks to its return to lampooning politics and social events, the show is stronger and funnier than ever. Much of that work is thanks to the new and veteran cast members, along with prominent guest stars such as Alec Baldwin. But the hosts have played a large part as well.

All told, the work of cast members and guest stars combined helped SNL to plenty of praise from the Emmys this year. Likewise, their hosts were honored as well. Dave Chapelle even earned his first Emmy thanks to his buzzed-about turn as host last fall. And as SNL moves into its 43rd season, it's once again pulling out all the stops. Last week, Ryan Gosling served up a number of memorable skits. Now, Gadot is all set to do the same.

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SNL released the first promo for Gadot's stint hosting the show, and it unsurprisingly capitalizes on the actor's most iconic role. In the short clip, we see cast members Leslie Jones, Mikey Day, and Beck Bennett discuss the performer's role as Wonder Woman before she bursts through the walls Kool-Aid Man style.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in Justice League

The moment is of course in reference to a scene from the latest Justice League trailer where Diana smashes through a set of doors in typical Zack Snyder slow-motion. It also mirrors her window smashing scene from her solo film earlier this year. All told, it appears that both Diana and Gadot aren't a fan of modest entrances.

After sending Bennet flying into the cheap seats, Jones and Day turn to mispronouncing Gadot's name. In the end, they're both half right as it's pronounced 'guh-DOTE.' Both the name jokes and the wall smashing, however, show that Gadot isn't above poking fun at herself and her recent rise to fame. How well she'll fare in comedy sketches is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, SNL is all set for a banner year. Weekend Update received its own spinoff, and three new cast members were recently added to the flagship show. As SNL's success continues, expect their pop culture prominence to keep growing.

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Gal Gadot hosts Saturday Night Live this Saturday, October 7 on NBC.

Source: SNL

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