SNL's Classic "Dear Sister" Sketch Was Inspired By This OC Episode

"Dear Sister" (AKA The Shooting) is a classic Saturday Night Live skit inspired by an episode of teen drama The OC. Here's how it came together.

saturday night live dear sister

Saturday Night Live's "Dear Sister" is a classic skit that was based upon an episode of The OC. In recent years, SNL has produced some major viral sketches, including the now-beloved "Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins)" and "Bland Man," a parody of reality series The Bachelor. The show produced some of their most popular sketches when comedy group The Lonely Island joined, which consisted of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg.

During their time on the show, they produced Digital Shorts like "I'm On A Boat," "Like A Boss," "Motherlover" and "Jack Sparrow," a song that features Michael Bolton paying loving homage to the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. The shorts are characterized by their bizarre premises and humor, and their popularity led to the trio making movies like Hot Rod and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

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Easily one of the oddest - and most hilarious - sketches they produced was "The Shooting," which is better known as "Dear Sister." The sketch opens with Bill Hader's (It: Chapter Two) Keith writing a letter to his sister, and as he's explaining this his roommate Dave (Samberg) shoots him for no clear reason. The song "Hide And Seek" by Imogen Heap plays as Keith realizes he's been shot, which plays out in highly dramatic slow-motion and tight close-ups. Keith then appears to drop dead, only to shoot Dave in revenge, with "Hide And Seek" playing once again. The sketch reaches new heights of absurdity as various characters - including guest star Shia LaBeouf (Fury) - keep shooting each other whilst "Hide And Seek" keeps repeating with each new gunshot.

On paper, it probably doesn't sound that funny, but its execution is perfect. One thing fans may not know is the scene was a parody of the season two finale of teen drama The OC. In the final scene of "The Dearly Beloved," Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie, Gotham) confronts his brother Trey over his assault on Marissa (Mischa Barton). The two get into a heated fight, where Marissa shoots Trey as he tries to kill his brother. The following moments than take place in dramatic slo-mo as "Hide And Seek" starts playing.

This scene from The OC is so over the top and melodramatic it just becomes funny, which is why it was ripe for parody with "Dear Sister." This Saturday Night Live sketch also led to numerous memes, where fans would edit dramatic scenes featuring gunshots to "Hide And Seek," where the opening line "Mmm whatcha' say" is repeated ad nauseam.

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