SNL's Bland Man Sketch Is A Perfect Parody Of The Bachelor

Saturday Night Live's "Bland Man" sketch is a perfect parody of reality TV series The Bachelor. The sketch features guest host Ronda Rousey.

SNL bland man sketch

Saturday Night Live's "Bland Man" sketch is a parody of The Bachelor that's almost too perfect. The early 2000s saw a steady rise in reality television, thanks to the success of shows like Big Brother and Survivor. The Bachelor is another series that proved to be a major hit, with the format featuring the titular bachelor hoping to find his future bride from a group of contestants. Following some assorted dates and romantic outings, the bachelor proposes to the winner in the season finale.

The Bachelor has been running strong since its debut in 2002 and has spawned numerous spinoffs too, including The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. The show is considered something of a guilty pleasure and has been gleefully parodied on shows like Family Guy and Saturday Night Live. SNL has been killing it in recent years when it comes to creating viral sketches, including Mortal Kombat skit "Tournament Fighter" with Tiffany Haddish as fake fighter Boo Boo Jeffries and the beloved "Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins)," which introduced Tom Hanks' supposed spooky character to the world.

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SNL's The Bachelor parody "Bland Man" pulled no punches either. This sketch finds Taran Killam unbearably bland bachelor talking with a selection of contestants vying for his attention. From the inane conversation to the forced attempts at romance, "Bland Man" doesn't feel a whole lot different from actually watching an episode of The Bachelor.

Kate McKinnon - as per usual - wins the sketch as a contestant who fake laughs at every one of Killam's comments. Saturday Night Live host Ronda Rousey (The Expendables 3) also appears during the skit, as does musical guest Selina Gomez (Doolittle), who "wins" Killam's affection. While "Bland Man" isn't the sharpest of SNL's sketches, it effortlessly captures the somewhat vapid tone of some episodes of The Bachelor.

That said, "Bland Man" itself could've have been a little tighter and it won't have hurt the pacing to have trimmed a minute off it. Nevertheless, the sketch quickly became a favorite and it's easy to see why. Saturday Night Live's hit and miss ratio can be high, but when they really nail a gag - just like David S. Pumpkins or the recent Joker parody "Grouch" starring David Harbour - its a real thing of beauty. "Bland Man's" take on The Bachelor was spot on and was made all the funnier by the performer's straight-faced commitment to the gag.

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