Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Sarah Palin Into Who is America Interview

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Sacha Baron Cohen led Sarah Palin to believe that she was part of a legitimate interview. However, the former Governor of Alaska eventually discovered that Baron Cohen had tricked her into a fake interview as part of his upcoming Showtime seriesWho Is America?

Following in the spiritual footsteps of his other satirical comedies like Da Ali G Show and Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, English comedian and filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen (who has also starred in movies like Tom Hooper's Les Misérables, and Martin Scorsese's Hugo) will be tackling American politics in the upcoming Showtime series Who Is America? Interviewing actual individuals who play notable roles in the recent and current political establishment (former US Vice President Dick Cheney was included in the interviews), the series will feature Baron Cohen in ways audiences have "never seen him before. Now, Palin has spoken out against the comedian for tricking her into a fake interview.

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According to The Daily Mail, Baron Cohen had disguised himself as a wounded US veteran in order to trick Palin into an interview for his upcoming series. However, after she discovered that the interview was a ruse, Palin walked out midway through. Explaining that she was under the impression that Showtime was conducting a "legit opportunity to honor American Vets," Palin was disappointed to discover that the interview was actually part of a comedy series formatted as a faux documentary. She added that once she caught on to Baron Cohen's "disrespect and sarcasm," the jig was up. She also recommended that all of the proceeds from the series be donated to various charities that support US veterans.

Sacha Baron Cohen Who Is America Showtime

Though very little footage has been released pertaining to the show, Showtime has released footage of Baron Cohen's interview with Dick Cheney. In the footage, Cheney is asked by Baron Cohen to sign his waterboarding kit, to which the former US Vice President replies, "Sure," proceeding to sign an empty plastic water jug.

Establishing a career based on disguising himself in fake interviews and stirring up controversy, Baron Cohen has come under fire over the years due to the various stunts he's performed. He once reportedly convinced British politician Neil Hamilton to smoke marijuana on live television, angered former astronaut Buzz Aldrin during a fake interview as Ali G, and dumped fake ashes on Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview at the 2012 Academy Awards to promote his then-upcoming movie The Dictator

Who Is America? will premiere on Showtime on July 15.

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Source: The Daily Mail

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