Linda Hamilton Is NOT In Terminator 4

Linda Hamilton... What a woman.

Not only did she have the courage to marry James Cameron, she also had the cojones to turn down Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Of course no doubt part of the reason she had the cojones to turn down Terminator 3 was because she's financially set for the rest of her life - having had the courage to divorce Cameron.

Yeah, who hasn't divorced James Cameron? The guy has been married a billion times. Did I just hear my Avatar premiere tickets getting shredded?

Anyway, I'm getting off topic here - yesterday word spread through the internet like wildfire that Hamilton would be reprising her signature role. Sorry Silent Night fans, it's not Elisabeth Vincken in Silent Night 2. We're talking Sarah Connor in Terminator Salvation.

There's just one problem.

It isn't true. spoke to a "studio source" who said that Hamilton would be playing Sarah Connor during flashback sequences in the McG-directed flick, and that she had signed a three picture deal to boot. After posting the story, then decided to contact Hamliton's people who said she hadn't heard jack about the film, but:

“I can tell you that Linda is a big fan of T1 and T2 and would be very interested in hearing about participating in the new film.”

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

That's the problem with the internet, once something goes out there - it ain't coming back!

Screen Rant may not break a lot of news, but we do try to make sure it's accurate.

Of course Jonathan Nolan is on-set slaving away on the script for Terminator Salvation, and therefore Sarah Connor could show up in the final film. It's possible Hamilton could be approached to play the part once more... it just hasn't happened. Yet.

I've just got one thing to say about all this:

Hey, Jonathan! Why the hell aren't you writing the next Batman movie?

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