'Sarah Connor Chronicles' Mid-Season Discussion

We're at the mid-season point for most TV shows and we have a long wait for the next half of the season to start again... Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles won't return until mid-February.

A lot of folks have been of the opinion that SCC has lost its direction this season and has suffered from "Heroes Syndrome," jumping around story-wise with odd non-sequiter episodes instead of continuing to move the story forward in a coherent manner.

Personally, I've enjoyed this season (although the "search for the three dots" thing is getting pretty old). My favorite things to watch on the show have been the development of Thomas Dekker as John Connor and of the protective Terminator played by Summer Glau.

And the half-season DID end on a hell of a note with that flying ship.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how this season has been so far, what you think will happen come February, and just what the heck that ship is, exactly!

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