Santa Clarita Diet Trailer: Drew Barrymore is an Undead Realtor

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet

As part of Netflix's ongoing quest to saturate its library with interesting original content, the streaming giant is soon to debut arguably its most oddball live-action series yet, Santa Clarita Diet. Starring A-list actress Drew Barrymore - in her first ever lead role on a TV series - and former Justified star Timothy Olyphant, Santa Clarita Diet was developed under a layer of mystery, with reports on the show's premise making it sound more like a wacky family comedy with a twist than anything.

While that description actually does apply to Santa Clarita Diet, it turns out that the aforementioned twist is unlike anything most would have expected. As first revealed last month, Santa Clarita Diet stars Barrymore and Olyphant as Sheila and Joel Hammond, married California realtors whose quite normal - if also quite mundane - family life is turned upside down when Sheila unexpectedly passes away. Normally, that would be the set-up for a dark drama, but wife and mother Sheila doesn't stay dead, returning to the land of the living with a renewed confidence and vigor ... along with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Netflix has released the trailer for Santa Clarita Diet, and it should serve to prepare potential viewers for the strange shenanigans the series has in store. As is quickly made apparent, this is a comedy through and through, and the focus never stops being on laughs, zombie murders or no zombie murders. Check out the full video above.

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet

Despite the bizarre circumstances, one endearing aspect of Santa Clarita Diet that the trailer showcases is that Sheila's family has no intention of abandoning her to her now ghoulish existence, with husband Joel especially going above and beyond the call of spousal duty in order to try and manage Sheila's cravings. Whether or not they can be controlled on a long term basis obviously remains to be seen, but if they can't, it certainly won't be due to a lack of effort by the Hammonds.

Interestingly, Santa Clarita Diet also contains an element somewhat reminiscent of Showtime hit Dexter, as Joel is seen suggesting that they target only deserving people to be the victims of Sheila's cannibalistic urges. While they're obviously unlikely to locate their ideal "young, single Hitler" type, it at least illustrates that the Hammonds aren't necessarily evil now, just because of the whole zombie thing. In other words, it's unlikely that Sheila will be massacring at a church bake sale anytime soon.

Santa Clarita Diet season 1 hits Netflix on Friday, February 3.

Source: Netflix

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