Santa Clarita Diet: 10 Reasons Sheila & Joel Are The Perfect Couple

Santa Clarita Diet is not your typical family sitcom, and Joel and Sheila Hammond are not your typical married couple. While they deal with the kind of mundane things as annoying neighbors and rebellious teenager kids, they also need to deal with the fact that Sheila has turned into a flesh-eating zombie.

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Even with the unusual developments in their life, Joel and Sheila always seem to have an otherwise perfect marriage. A less loving couple might let a thing like being undead damage their relationship, but for Joel and Sheila, it has only made their bond stronger. Find out why Santa Clarita Diet’s Joel and Sheila Hammond are the perfect married couple.

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10 Work Together

One of the most difficult things a couple can do is work together. To go through all the stress, disagreements and problems associated of work with a person and then have to come home and live with that person can be very uncomfortable. Not only do Joel and Sheila work together, they are partners.

Neither of them is completely passionate about the realtor business but they bring out the best in one another as professionals. They also seem to really love working together which must make the job that much more satisfying.

9 Supportive Lifestyle Changes

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

Sometimes a significant other might go through a change in lifestyle. This could mean they want to take up a new hobby. It might be they want to make a career change. In Sheila’s case she died, came back to life and now craves human flesh.

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Joel certainly has a hard time dealing with these changes at times but he is never hesitant to support her new diet. Once he came to terms with their new reality, he did his best to make it work. To see him so quickly come to terms with finding victims for Sheila to eat is truly heartwarming.

8 Co-parenting

Liv Hewson Skyler Gisondo Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

While Joel and Sheila occupy their time with work and murder, their daughter Abby is always their top priority. It’s never easy raising a teenager but it seems especially hard when that teenager knows their parents murder and eat people. It’s very hard to get the moral high ground after that.

While Abby might sometimes seem more of an adult than her parents, they manage to provide her with a relatively normal home life by always being attentive and loving no matter what other insanity they’re dealing with.

7 Interested In Each Other’s Passions

Drew Barrymore Timothy Olyphant and Liv Hewson in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

People assume having a lot in common with a significant other helps make a good couple, but that’s not necessarily true. Two people can share a perfectly harmonious life together while having very different areas of interest. What matters is that they take the time to learn about and take an interest in each other’s passions.

In the case of Sheila and Joel, they each try hard to help the other pursue what they love. Joel often goes above and beyond to learn as much as he can about Sheila’s undead way of life. Sheila is just as caring, making sure that, even among the craziness of their new life, Joel has time to go out to dinners, explore his love of fine woodworking and indulge in the occasional recreational pot-smoking.

6 Not Concerned With Gender Roles

Drew Barrymore Timothy OIyphant Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Netflix

There was a time when a marriage was defined by very specific gender roles. Men were meant to be the breadwinners of the household while women maintained the home life. Luckily, times have changed, yet some people still struggle with those confined roles society has created.

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This is clearly not a problem for the Hammonds. Not only do they share an equal responsibility with the family income, but they take more progressive approaches to their extra-curricular activities. Sheila, being undead, has become stronger, braver and unkillable, making her the obvious choice to do all the muscle work. Joel accepts his more passive role and finds other ways to help out.

5 Resolve Disagreements Amicably

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

Every couple has their disagreements, that’s quite normal. The occasional fight doesn’t mean you’re not a great couple so long as you handle these moments respectfully and effectively. The Hammonds have an extremely stressful life, so it stands to reason tempers will flare at times.

While some cursing and heated language is common, before long, they both cool down and try to see things from the other’s perspective. They apologize when appropriate and acknowledge each other’s feelings. They both understand that just because they are disemboweling people doesn’t mean that can’t be polite to one another.

4 Provide Emotional Support

Santa Clarita Diet Netflix

One of the benefits to having a great partner in life is always having a shoulder to cry on. That also means taking on the responsibility of providing that support to your partner as well. Joel and Sheila understand the importance of this and, perhaps more than any other couple, they really need each other to lean on.

With the constant threat of being found out by the authorities, being killed by zombie hunters or being captured by mad scientists, they both have a lot to deal with. In order to make it through the day, they seem to each take turns holding the other one up and reassuring them that they’ll survive this madness.

3 Deal With Problems Together

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Trailer Screenshot

Imagine having to deal with becoming an undead man-eater all by yourself. It would be a lonely time struggling with this new identity. Luckily for Sheila, she knows that Joel will be there for her no matter what. Even though the thought of killing and eating someone didn’t sit well with Joel, he was not going to let his wife take this on alone.

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Likewise, when Joel finds himself in trouble, Sheila is first through the door to help him out. Their tactics might not always be flawless and their execution is rarely smooth, but at least they’re making all their mistakes together.

2 Healthy Sex Life

Santa Clarita Diet Netflix

Not to be vulgar, but sex can be a very important part of a relationship. Sure, there are other ways to express love to one another, but maintaining a healthy sex life can really help keep that passion alive, especially in those long relationships. And if you think one half of a couple turning into a zombie would hurt the Hammonds’ sex life, you’d be very wrong.

With all inhibitions dying away along with the rest of her, Sheila became very… exuberant. Even in the midst of all the carnage, they still manage to keep that aspect of their relationship alive.

1 No Judgment 

Drew Barrymore Timothy OIyphant Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Netflix

A marriage should be a safe place for both parties. Feeling ashamed or self-conscious is for the rest of the world, but with your partner, you should feel totally free to be yourself. There are some that might pass judgement on the fact that someone is undead, but Joel does his best to make his wife feel that she is as normal as everyone else.

Sheila also tries to let Joel be his true self around her. Sometimes that means getting high and sometimes it just means he can let out all of his anxieties around her. Whatever the case, there home is a shame-free zone.

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