What To Expect From Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

Is Santa Clarita Diet season 4 happening, and if so, when will it release? One of Netflix's more underappreciated comedies is Santa Clarita Diet, a story about a realtor, played by Drew Barrymore, who becomes a zombie by eating some bad food, and then she and her husband, played by Timothy Olyphant, are forced into killing people so she can survive. Of course, things don't always go according to plan, and the story spirals from there.

What makes Santa Clarita Diet special amongst all the comedy shows out there is its smart humor. If audiences find something absurd about a plot point or a character development, Santa Clarita Diet's writers and producers will lean into that. Plus, it's rare for practically every character to bounce perfectly off each other. That's why audiences were excited when Santa Clarita Diet season 3 returned this year. But will Santa Clarita Diet season 4 happen?

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A Santa Clarita Diet season 4 renewal hasn't been officially ordered by Netflix, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen. Shortly after season 3 released, Netflix canceled Santa Clarita Diet instead of announcing season 4. And it's something that perhaps should've been expected.

Last updated: April 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Renewal & Release Date Info

Liv Hewson Skyler Gisondo Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

Again, Santa Clarita Diet has been cancelled, so while Santa Clarita Diet season 4 should've released by the end of March in 2020, it's no longer going to happen. Usually, Netflix renews a show about a month or two after its latest season releases; that way they have enough time to determine whether the show/season has been successful or not. Santa Clarita Diet season 2 was announced over a month after the series premiered in 2017, and the same happened for season 3 in 2018. But this time, it resulted in a cancellation, and that's primarily because Netflix doesn't see much potential in any show continuing past three seasons, with few exceptions being breakout hits like House of Cards and Stranger Things.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Story Details

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Poster Cropped

Santa Clarita Diet season 3 wrapped up most of the season 2 storyline, with Anne leaving the picture (and the Hammonds alone), the Knights of Serbia no longer being a problem for Sheila and Joel, and the fracking site explosion finally... blowing over. But all of that, mixed with all-new twists and turns, set up an even stranger Santa Clarita Diet season 4.

Recapping Santa Clarita Diet season 3 - Anne isn't bothering the Hammonds anymore, but she still convinced plenty of people that Shiela is a divine being; Joel is now a member of the Knights of Serbia (and so is Abby, for that matter); Ron is no longer a problem for the Hammonds and he gave up trying to turn everyone into zombies (but he may be part of a new Sheila-focused, zombie-protecting team?); and, on a happier note, Abby and Eric appear to be giving their relationship a real shot now.

But the biggest story development Santa Clarita Diet season 4 could've explored is Mr. Ball Legs crawling into Joel's brain, through his ear canal, and apparently killing him. And in order to save her husband, Sheila turns Joel into a zombie. It would've certainly been interesting to see what kind of zombie Joel turned out to be, seeing as that was one of his biggest concerns when Sheila asked him to spend an eternity with her. Or, at least, 1,000 years. All of this should've developed into an off-the-rails Santa Clarita Diet season 4.

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