Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Trailer: No Family Is Perfect

The official trailer for Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet season 2 has been released, promising even more undead hilarity and gore from the Hammonds. While Netflix's original programming stable is continuously growing, Santa Clarita Diet is one series that really sticks out from the pack, if only because of how offbeat and strange things tend to be on it. While Santa Clarita Diet is definitely a comedy, it's also definitely one that won't appeal to every viewer. The humor is pitch black, and the level of gore sometimes competes with splatter movie classics like Evil Dead II and Dead Alive.

In spite (or maybe because) of this high level of weirdness, Santa Clarita Diet proved popular with Netflix audiences. It might not be a Stranger Things or House of Cards-level hit, but it's got a sizable fanbase, one that's looking forward to reconnecting with the Hammond family. For those in need of a refresher, Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) began the series by suddenly dying and then resurrecting as a flesh-eating zombie. Her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) isn't willing to abandon his wife to a lonely undeath, and instead resolves to help her through things as best he can. Also swept up in the chaos is their sarcastic teen daughter Abby (Liv Hewson).

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Santa Clarita Diet season 2 is headed subscribers' way later this month, and Netflix has just released the official trailer. From the looks of it, the lives of the Hammonds are set to get even crazier than they were before. Check the trailer out above.

Fans will recall that Santa Clarita Diet season 1 ended with Sheila and Joel in a pretty bad spot. The couple's attempts to reverse Sheila's zombification had so far proved fruitless, and Sheila was continuing to devolve, becoming more unpredictable and less in control of her murderous cannibalistic urges. Terrified of eventually losing herself completely and attacking her family, Sheila was chained up the basement. While that looks to be where she begins season 2, it doesn't seem like she's staying there very long.

Another problem of Sheila's that doesn't seem to be abating is that she's falling apart... literally. Sheila began to lose extremities last season, and it looks like her body is continuing its process of decay. While she initially felt more alive than ever after becoming a zombie - due to increased confidence and lack of inhibitions - the down sides of her condition are now clearly becoming a real problem, no matter how much she might want to pretend that she's okay. Hopefully, Joel and Abby are able to discover some treatment, before things get even worse.

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Santa Clarita Diet season 2 premieres March 23 on Netflix.

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