Sandra Bullock Headlining All Female Ocean's Eleven Movie

Sandra Bullock to headline all female Ocean's Eleven movie

Back in 2010, the prospects of a new Ocean’s movie seemed very low to say the least - with the late producer Jerry Weintraub saying that there would be no Ocean’s 14. Now, five years later, a new Ocean’s movie appears to be on its way - but while it will (probably) not feature the original cast, it looks to instead have Sandra Bullock leading her own Ocean’s team.

This new project is actually not that new, as Weintraub, Ocean's trilogy director Steven Soderbergh, and even Danny Ocean himself (George Clooney) started working on the new Ocean’s movie back in 2014 (prior to Weintraub's passing in 2015). While news about the film has been minimal, the project was alluded to in emails from then-Chairperson for Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal released during the Sony Hack of 2014.

Pascal, at the time, urged her team at Sony to move faster on the all-female Ghostbusters movie to stay ahead of the new Ocean's film, although the latter project was not referenced by name. According to IndieWire, said Ocean’s movie will be on its way featuring an all-female ensemble and is going to be headlined by the Oscar-winning Bullock - who, as it were, just took over a role originally intended for Clooney, in this week's political comedy/drama release, Our Brand is Crisis (which Clooney still served as a producer on).

Currently, Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) is attached to direct the film; Olivia Milch (Queen & Country) has reportedly been working on the screenplay for months. The new Ocean’s film is expected to be Ross’s next project after he finishes The Free State of Jones, Ross' historical drama starring Matthew McConaughey. While unconfirmed, sources close to IndieWire also say that Clooney may make a cameo as Danny Ocean in this new film, too.

Ocean's Eleven with George Clooney

News about this new Ocean's movie's lead and director aside, details on the project are scare; including, details on whether the new Ocean’s film will be a reboot, remake, or a continuation of the original trilogy. If Clooney does appear as Danny Ocean, though, then the new film will be expanding the universe established in the first three films - which is to say, it would be a spinoff/soft reboot of the franchise (a la the upcoming Rocky spinoff, Creed).

Along with the aforementioned Ghostbusters movie, the new Ocean’s film is opening new and exciting opportunities to actresses in Hollywood. Especially for someone like Bullock, who been around Hollywood for a long time - and now has the chance to lead a new (potential) franchise of her own. If she can survive space without Clooney, then Bullock can certainly become "the new Danny Ocean."

We'll bring you more information on the all-female Ocean's Eleven as it becomes available.

Source: IndieWire

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