Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Team for Buddy Cop Flick

The Bridesmaids duo of actress Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig will be joining forces again at least two more times in the future. Those collaborations include a tentatively-untitled "unconventional" romance project co-starring Mad Men's Jon Hamm (another Bridesmaids alum) - and a new buddy cop flick, which is also currently without a name.

Sandra Bullock is onboard to co-headline the aforementioned buddy movie with McCarthy. According to a recent report from Variety, 20th Century Fox and producers Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark and Jenno Topping (the heads of Chernin Entertainment) have been struggling for a while to close the necessary deals to lock down all the players for this project. However, the dust has now settled and the pieces are in place - including, the screenplay by Parks and Recreation co-showrunner Katie Dippold (with the following description):

Untitled pic follows the strained working relationship between a high-strung FBI agent (Bullock) and an unconventional Boston cop (McCarthy) who team up to take down a Russian gangster.

That logline reads as pretty conventional, but the "female twist" sets this project apart from many a buddy film of yore - and, more recent comedic cop movies, such as The Other Guys and 21 Jump Street. It also helps that McCarthy is an actress working at the top of her game right now, between the continued success of her TV show Mike & Molly (which snagged her an Emmy), picking up an Oscar nod for Bridesmaids, and parts in upcoming, big-name comedies such as This Is Forty and The Identity Thief.

bridesmaids melissa mccarthy
Melissa McCarthy in 'Bridesmaids'

Feig has graduated from the Judd Apatow school of storytelling and looks to move beyond making movies that mix raunchy comedy with heart - as evidenced by him contributing to the Amazing Spider-Man script, lining up to direct the drama Untouchable, and now, signing on for the Bullock/McCarthy action-comedy. Likewise, this is somewhat untested territory for Dippold, whose previous writing efforts on MADtv and Parks and Recreations were focused solely on generating laughs.

Bullock will be treading on familiar ground here (see: Miss Congeniality), but it's encouraging to see that she's finally leaving her rom-com days fully behind her. Since her Oscar win for The Blind Side, the actress has worked on projects like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Alfonso Cuarón's upcoming sci-fi thriller Gravity; hopefully, with the new Feig/McCarthy vehicle, Bullock will avoid relapsing to her old habits - and instead, continue to evolve as a performer.

Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date on the status of this project (including, when it snags an official title) as the story develops.


Source: Variety

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