Exclusive: Here's A Scene From The Sandman

The Sandman SYFY

SYFY unveils an exclusive clip from Stan Lee-produced horror movie The Sandman. Forget Freddy Krueger entering your nightmares, there is a new boogeyman in town. It looks like Mr. Sandman is bringing us some dreams - or nightmares as the case may be.

Focusing on a fictional entity dubbed the Sandman, Lee serves as executive producer on the movie. With a stellar cast that includes Tobin Bell (the Saw films), Shaun Sipos (The Vampire Diaries, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Final Destination 2), Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm Street), and Ricco Ross (Aliens), horror hounds are excited to know more. Hopes are high that with such horror credentials behind The Sandman, the upcoming movie will be a hit with fans in search of a good ol' scare and a creature feature.

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The scene in question sees Shae Smolik's 8-year-old Madison waking up in the morgue to find her father dead beside her. Although the clip is short, fans can see Madison coming to terms with her newfound powers and the ability to conjure a terrifying boogeyman known as the Sandman. With the tagline, "Don't fall asleep," it doesn't look like many of us will be able to do that when the movie hits SYFY next month. While there is no sign of Bell's antagonistic 'Valentine,' in the clip, rest assured that the Saw alumni is sure to have a large part as the movie's big bad.

The Sandman SYFY

With the exclusive clip presumedly coming early on in the movie, the rest of the synopsis follows Madison as she adjusts to her new life living with her aunt Claire. It doesn't take struggling artist Claire long to realize that the Sandman may be responsible for the death of Madison's father, 0r that he could be connected to a grisly trail of murders across the country. As government organizations move in on Claire and Madison, the pair must work together to escape their clutches and evade whatever plan the Sandman has for them, all before he claims his next victim.

Not based on the infamous Spider-Man villain, and not to be confused with Neil Gaiman's DC/Vertigo property of the same name, The Sandman is a move away from Lee's usual comic book creations and the light-hearted world of the MCU. There is no shortage of talent behind the scenes of the movie, with Lee being helped by Leprechaun's Barry Barnholtz, and The Crooked Man's Jeffrey Schenck. If The Sandman looks like something you might enjoy, there isn't long to wait. With only weeks to go, we'll find out more when the movie premieres next month.

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The Sandman hits SYFY on October 14.

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