Sandman Caused America's Worst Nightmares (in The Comics)

The world of The Dreaming in Vertigo's Sandman Universe has been tossed upside down, and with the titular hero missing, a new character has stepped into the fray - a master of America's worst nightmares.

We mean that literally, with The Dreaming #3 introducing Judge Ezekiel Gallows, the figure conjured up by the Sandman himself to torment those whose waking lives were filled with the Civil War, the KKK, Southern hangings, and all manner of other distinctly American horrors. And in our preview of The Dreaming #3, fans get their first tease of how this new (former?) servant of Dream will exert his role when the master goes missing.

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Generally speaking, when a figure born of The Dreaming - Sandman's realm of imagination, nightmares, and of course, dreams - is put away but the master of the realm, and eventually escapes in his absence... it's never a GOOD thing. When the figure returning to action is the Judge who once ruled over the American frontier (in its slumber) with a harsh gavel and a preference for a hemp rope, fashioned into a noose, there's reason to be concerned. Especially if you're Lucien, Dream's dutiful servant trying to keep things from falling apart until his master returns. Judging by the cover art for The Dreaming #3 anyway, hinting that Gallows is still the harsh man he used to be.

Check out the first preview pages of Vertigo's The Dreaming #3 embedded below to see the new 'Judge Gallows' in the flesh:

The Dreaming remains just one of four brand new series expanding the existing lore. Dan Watters, Sebastian and Max Fiumara are currently telling Lucifer's new comic book adventure, Nalo Hopkinson (Brown Girl in the Ring) will write House of Whispers, which will introduce a companion house to stand alongside The House Of Mysteries and House Of Secrets overseen by Cain and Abel. Finally, Kat Howard (Roses and Rot) will write a new Books Of Magic series, based on Gaiman's Tim Hunter - a young wizard who is destined to determine the fate of magic in the world, for good or ill.

Check out the full synopsis for The Dreaming #3 below:

  • THE DREAMING (2018) #3
  • Published: November 7, 2018
  • Writer: Simon Spurrier
  • Art: Bilquis Evely
  • Cover Art: Jae Lee
  • As the Dreaming slips deeper into chaos, its frightened denizens yearn for strong leaders to guide them back to greatness. Enter Judge Gallows: nightmare of the major arcana, terror of the old frontier, whose thoughts and actions come knotted in hemp...
  • Released from Morpheus’ black chest after a century in the dark, he may not be merciful—but he’s always right.
  • His first case? Lucien’s fitness to lead...

The Dreaming #3 will be available on November 7th from DC Vertigo Comics.

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