Movie Clip Roundup: 'Sanctum' & 'I Am Number Four'

Several clips have been released from two upcoming releases - the 3D claustrophobic thriller 'Sanctum' and the teen sci-fi flick 'I Am Number Four'.

February is just around the bend and with it comes a slight improvement in the quality of Hollywood productions hitting theaters. This Friday marks the arrival of Sanctum, a 3D thrill ride produced by James Cameron, while the adolescent alien action flick I Am Number Four hits the scene in less than three weeks.

Several minutes of footage have been released for both films, and provide a taste of what each has to offer - namely impressive visuals and atmosphere from Cameron's cavernous adventure, and lots of super-powered mayhem, explosions, and teen drama from director D.J. Caruso's new movie.

While Sanctum doesn't feature Cameron himself at the helm and only stars a few mildly familiar faces - namely, Ioan Gruffudd of Fantastic Four fame and Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing, Moulin Rouge!) - it can boast about being shot in the third dimension using Avatar's PACE system. The footage in the official trailer looks decent enough on a small screen, but the film's cutting-edge visuals significantly benefit from being viewed in both 3D and either the regular or IMAX format.

Sanctum promises to be foremost a claustrophobia-inducing adventure - one that follows a group of underwater cave divers who are trapped in the South Pacific Esa-ala caverns following an unexpected flash flood. If these early clips are any indication, the movie should certainly deliver on a visceral level and boasts some truly breath-taking 3D imagery of gorgeous underground geography. That the characters and plot mechanics of Sanctum look rather generic and bland is what will give some people reason to pause before coughing up the cash to see this flick in IMAX 3D.

Watch a couple scenes from Sanctum below (courtesy of Collider) and see what you think:


I Am Number Four

Life's not easy when you're a rare specimen of an extraterrestrial hiding on Earth from these deadly, bald, tattooed creatures called Mogadorians, who desire nothing more than to do irreparable harm to your ability to breathe. That, in a nutshell, is the situation John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) has to handle in the upcoming adaptation of the popular teen alien action/drama I Am Number Four.

Timothy Olyphant costars in the pic as Henri, Smith's survival-minded mentor and father figure, while Glee's Diana Agron plays Sarah - a regular high school girl (stop giggling!) whose creative ambitions make her a bit of a social outcast. Enter Pettyfer as Smith, a.k.a. "Number Four," a blonde humanoid alien who wants nothing more than to live life as a regular under-18-year-old. Romantic sparks naturally start to fly between Smith and Sarah, even as Smith's murderous pursuers draw closer to finding him.

A number of the trailers and previews released so far for I Am Number Four have focused on that first-love subplot and thus painted the movie as basically being Twilight with aliens who have X-Men superpowers, rather than sparkling vampires. These clips from the film demonstrate rather well that I Am Number Four will offer a lot more F/X-heavy action and explosive property damage (set to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep") and a bit less broody teenage angst overall. Also featured is the lovely Teresa Palmer as "Number Six", the warrior alien beauty who partners with Four to defeat the bad guys.

Watch the clips from I Am Number Four, via Dreamworks, below:







Sanctum will hit regular and IMAX theaters in 3D on February 4th, while I Am Number Four will follow suit (albeit, in 2D only) on February 18th. Which one(s) will you be checking out?

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