Sanctuary Renewed for a 3rd Season

Despite offing Ashey (Emilie Ullerup) in the beginning of the 2nd season, the Syfy Channel has renewed Sanctuary for a 3rd season.  Syfy has ordered 20 episodes.  Cool beans, gang!

Despite the core fan base being pretty upset about Ashley's death in Sanctuary, not enough folks tuned out.  The show averaged around 2.2 million viewers in the 7-day DVR viewing ratings.  That was enough to get the show its third season.

Right now they're filming Sanctuary in Vancouver, and I think it's time to hold the creative forces accountable.

When they offed Ashley, the fan backlash was pretty volatile.  At one point the idea of possibly bringing Ashley back was broached, though it didn't sound too serious.

As it stands, Emilie Ullerup has already landed a role in a web series called Riese The Series as Aliza.  So if somehow the creative forces try to pull Emilie back in, how is that going to work?  Ah... indeed.  Obviously money is probably better on a network project, but what would Emilie do if the situation arose?  I guess first Syfy would have to remove their skull cap from a dark place and get Ashley back in the action, like fans want.

For now, we know there's a 3rd season of Sanctuary.  Let's see what happens.  Who's with me on wishing Ashley back?

Sources: THR, Riese The Series

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