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Sanctuary on The Sci-Fi Channel

The green-screen based sci-fi show Sanctuary has done well enough in the ratings department for Sci-Fi to pick up a 2nd season with 13 episodes.

Sci-Fi must be happy with it, as apparently are the fans of the show.

The first few episodes tested my patience... but that's because they tried to fit so much developmental detail into those first few hours that it was blatantly obvious and painful.  I personally wanted to find sanctuary from the show.

As the show progressed I felt that it found its footing and is showing a nice pace with the character developments through the episodes.  I now find it isn't a bad show to kill time with.  (I did not say superb.  I said wasn't bad.)

Sanctuary was Sci-Fi's highest rated debut episode since Eureka premiered back in July of '06.  (ENI)

Since we're chatting about the paranormal, I thought I'd toss something out there about Ghost Hunters.


If you can't get enough of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and what not, fret not my trusty readers.

Ghost Hunters has been such a stalwart performer for the network, spewing record ratings no matter which flavor of GH you watch.  With that in mind, one more spin-off is coming our way soon: Ghost Hunters: College Edition.

I saw evidence of this popularity back at Comic-Con.  Twilight had a gigantic line for it, but it was in the huge presentation room of the Con.  When I headed off to catch the Ghost Hunters panel, I got there about an hour early and found the line had gone out the door, down the side of the conference center, stretched around the corner and extended to the front of the facility.   It was surprising to say the least that getting there an hour early did not net me a seat.  In fact, I never got near the door.  I was still up at the front of the building when we were told the room was full.  Boo!  (That was not a pun!  That was an attitude.)

Yep, another spin-off indeed.  The show is going youthful and will feature a group of college students traversing the country, guided by an experienced ghost hunter.

No cast or crew have been announced yet, but I am sure the students will be keeping up on their studies while having their wits frightened out of them.  (THR)

Have you ever been in a haunted house?  It is a true test of your blood pressure for sure.  My grandparents house in Maine was over 200 years old and it had what I called "Incredibly Unique" sounds and events that used to occur in the place.  I could not stay there alone when I was a kid.  Nope.  And the dog (That I kept with me in the house when I was alone) didn't help when all he did was bark at a dark corner of the hallway.  ("Expletive"-ing dog.)

Well, with Ghost Hunters being such a solid ratings performer, I have an idea that will set ratings afire and put the Sci-Fi Channel on the map of all networks, basic or otherwise.  PAY ATTENTION SCI-FI:  Ghost Hunters: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Yeah.  I'd love to see my fav, Marissa Miller chasing ghosts.  She's a tomboy of sorts and would kick some serious a**.  That's all I'm gonna say about this...

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