Sanctuary Comic-Con 2009 Panel

On hand for Syfy's Sanctuary panel were executive producers Martin Wood & Damian Kindler along with actors Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman) & Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus).

Some of the highlights pointed out in the panel were:

Two years ago, this was just an internet series, and now it's a TV series heading for season 2. No internet project has ever made it into a second season on TV.

We'll be seeing new characters in season 2 and we're going to discover that there are sanctuaries all over the world.

Martin Wood said that if you liked the first season, you will enjoy season 2.  The effects will be improved.

The show is branching out to using real props, like using Damian's car.  When you see the scene where Amanda Tapping is driving and Dunne is screaming - He's not acting, what with Amanda driving.  Damian kept wondering why the lateral traction control wasn't kicking in!

They hit up Tokyo for a Syfy junket and did some filming there for scenes in the Tokyo Sanctuary.

Sanctuary was nominated for an Emmy for Visual Affects and they're very proud of that.

Amanda Tapping has directed an episode last season and will do so again this season.

Between season 1 and 2 we discover that some events have taken place.

Keep in mind that season 1 was about establishing the characters and season 2 will expand on the relationships between the characters.

There's a big future story coming where we see the the Sanctuary in a state of decay, where society falls & "mullets begin."  (I swear, I didn't add that.)

We'll be seeing a new, snarky character named Kate Freelander, played by Robin D'Arcy.  Freelander is a freelance operative who works for the highest bidder.  A lost soul of sorts.  She's introduced in the season opening 2-part story.  Magnus doesn't trust her up front and treats her like a drifter.

What's up with Ashley?  Cool thing happens with her are coming up, sending shockwaves through the Sanctuary network.

Damian notes that life isn't going to get easier at all for Magnus.

Michael Shanks will be guest starring in season 2 as will Erica Cerra, Chris Gauthier and Callum Blue.

We will also be seeing more Peter Wakefield as Dr. Watson but in backstory format.

Someone asked if there have been any injuries or fun things from filming.  Tapping reiterated somethig I've heard her say before:  "I am a woman who should not do her own stunts.  I'm a mess."

At the end of the panel, Syfy took the opportunity to run their ad...  again.  They keep playing that cursed musical montage.  I swear, it's following me everywhere.

Season 2 of Sanctuary premieres on Friday, October 9th.

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