Sanctuary Comes To The Sci Fi Channel

"There are monsters loose in the world. And they are the key to the future of our race."

That's the tag line for Sanctuary over on IMDb.

Sanctuary is about one Dr. Helen Magnus who is on a quest with her protege, Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), to track down, aid and protect strange creatures that walk the earth (I'm resisting a smart aleck remark here).

Sci Fi is picking up this seasoned show and it will be the first TV series to use live actors against virtual sets, in much the same way 300 and Sin CIty were done.

If you're wondering where this show comes from, it has eight webisodes under its belt and has been playing on a computer near you!

Sanctuary launched on the internet last year using a subscription model and the TV version of the series, produced by Stage 3 Media in association with the Sci Fi Channel, is slated to begin production in March. Since the production is based in Canada, it isn't affected by the writers' strike. The same applies to Sci Fi's Stargate Atlantis series which will begin filming its fifth season in a couple of weeks. Amanda Tapping, who co-starred on that series last season, will return for several episodes.

Sci Fi ordered 13 episodes of this drama that's been coined Gothic X-Files meets Buffy over on IMDb. It will star Amanda Tapping of Stargate fame as Dr. Helen Magnus (she's always the hot, smart chick!) but we finally get to see her in another role besides Samantha Carter.

The show's other notables are writer-producer Damian Kindler whose writing credits include Beast Master on TV and more recently, the Stargate series. Also involved is producer-director Martin Wood, who has directed numerous Stargate SG-1 & Andromeda episodes. They're executive producing the series with Sam Egan.

13 episodes is a tall order for something that up until now has only existed online, but with everyone's ties with the Sci Fi channel through the Stargate SG-1 franchise, the network's upper management had already discussed this with them even before it launched as a web-based series.

Sci Fi appreciated the level of quality and cost effectiveness of the CGI on the show and they are planning on retooling it a bit for it's premiere on television. The actors and staff will will remain, so we should be in for a pretty good show if you ask me - but then I've been somewhat biased towards the Stargate franchise.

I have some concerns, being that it's already been compared to other shows that have come before it in the monster genre... and will we always be seeing Samantha Carter and feeling like we're watching another Stargate spinoff? I hope not. It will be nice to see how they head down this new path.

For lots more background on the show there are several websites you can check out:

There's the main site itself: Sanctuary For AllThere's the fan site: Sanctuary FansThe IMDb site: IMDb

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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