San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Open Registration Date & Info Revealed

Details for Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2019 have been released. People from the nerd community converge in one place to share their passion for geek content annually and while there are several other smaller conventions throughout the year, the biggest and most important announcements are mostly done during the iconic event.

The famed convention is gearing for their 50th event next year. Given this, chances are that a lot more people than usual will be interested in traveling to San Diego to partake in the festivities. In an effort to ensure that everyone who is looking forward to celebrating the milestone by physically attending the event in 2019, information with regard to Open Registration has already been released as early as now. However, there are a couple of stipulations for those who can take advantage of the perk.

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The official press release announces that the "Open Registration for Comic-Con 50 will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Saturday, November 10, 2018," meanwhile "the Expo Logic waiting room will open at 8:00 AM PST for registration code authorization." It's important to note, however, that only those who have valid Comic-Con Member ID created and confirmed before October 31, 2018, at 9:30 AM PDT can partake in Open Registration. The presser notes that "there are more eligible attendees than available badges and not everyone will be able to purchase a badge during Open Registration. Entry into the waiting room does not guarantee you a badge or registration session."

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Once requirements for a valid Comic-Con ID are met, people will need to take down their personal registration code as well as the Expo Logic waiting room link - both of which will be sent at least 48 hours before Open Registration begins. Both will also be accessible in legitimate patrons' Comic-Con Member ID account located under the "Registration Info" tab also at least 2 days in advance of Open Registration. Full 2019 Open Registration instructions can be found on Comic-Con's official website. Organizers behind the event are also suggesting for members to add do-not-reply(at) and ccireg(at) as authorized email accounts senders in order to receive further information with regard to next year's much-anticipated event.

As previously mentioned, considering the upcoming milestone for San Diego Comic-Con. there are going to be special fun activities for those attending which in itself is a major pro for trying to get access to the event. But other than that, major comic book brands such as Marvel and DC may also have some great things for fans. Marvel Studios skipped the annual convention this year and while they can easily announce their plans for the future whether in their own event or the D23 Expo, there's a good chance that they'll eventually make their way back to Hall H, and what better way to do that than next year. As for DC, with films like Joker, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 remaining on their docket by then, as well as any other project they're just waiting to formally announce, they could also be cooking an epic Hall H presentation. Star Wars might also have a bigger presence with Star Wars: Episode 9 scheduled to release by the end of next year.

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