Tickets For San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Have Sold Out

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For those who are still hoping to score some badges for San Diego Comic-Con 2018, unfortunately, tickets are already sold out. The annual pop culture convention, which is the largest of its kind in the world, has become the go-to destination for fans hoping to immerse themselves in a world where their favorite characters come to life.

Starting in 1970, Comic-Con has attracted millions of fans every year to San Diego in the hopes of being among the first to hear and see updates on upcoming projects in relation to their favorite IPs. While there are "smaller" Comic-Cons in several other places around the world, the San Diego event remains the biggest crowd and talent-drawer. With the boom of superhero movies in the last decade, interest in the convention has exponentially increased with a breed of brand new fans making the event an annual tradition. And despite the option to just stay at home and tune-in for the latest updates from the venue courtesy of several media outlets covering the event, some are willing to go the extra mile just to get the full convention experience.


Proof of the people's continued support for San Diego Comic-Con is the tickets being already completely sold-out more than seven months before the gathering itself. The news was announced by the event's official Twitter account over the weekend. You can read the tweet below.

Unlike other ticketing services which follow the "first come, first served" policy, San Diego Comic-Con actually uses a different process in giving out badges. Folks behind the event utilize a random selection process, which means it does not matter whether you're the first in cue or way down the line. Just as long as you are in the pool of people accepted for the procedure, everyone has an equal chance of being afforded a ticket. While it's not the fairest of ways to hand out badges, it's the most effective way of preventing bulk buying and scalping of passes from those who want to make an illegal business out of people's desire to get in the event.

This year's expected line-up includes upcoming blockbusters such as Venom, X: Men: Dark Phoenix, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, BumblebeeAquaman, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Batman Ninja and Marvel Rising: Secret WarriorsOn the TV side of things, we have the usuals like The Walking Dead, the Arrowverse shows, as well as, favorites like Stranger Things and Riverdale. Of course, granted that Marvel films like Captain Marvel and Avengers 4  and DC's Shazam! are due before 2019's event, we can expect something from those projects as well.


Source: San Diego Comic-Con

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