Samurai Jack Season 6: Updates & Will It Happen?

Fans had to wait over a decade for a fifth season, but is Samurai Jack season 6 going to happen? Samurai Jack follows the adventures of the title character, a samurai warrior sent into the future by an evil demon named Aku. The show’s cool lead character, arresting art style and exciting action sequences quickly made it a cult smash, and Samurai Jack ran for 4 seasons. The series didn’t receive a proper finale, however, with creator Genndy Tartakovsky becoming busy with Star Wars: The Clone Wars at the time.

After Samurai Jack season 4 that was talk of both a live-action and animated movie to continue Jack’s adventures, but neither came to fruition. Samurai Jack season 5 finally arrived in 2017, telling a darker, more introspective tale than the original episodes. The new season took place 50 years after the end of season 4, and found Jack having to team – and subsequently fall in love with – Aku's daughter, Ashi. The show still had the distinctive art style and flashy action, but the tone was more mature.

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The fifth season appeared to conclude Jack’s journey for good, so is there any hope for Samurai Jack season 6?

Samurai Jack Season 5 Was Intended To Be The Last Season

Between Samurai Jack season 4 and 5, Genndy Tartakovsky became busy with projects such as the Hotel Transylvania franchise, but he always intended to revisit the character. When a deal was finally reached for season 5 he also intended it to a definitive ending. In the finale, after many supporting players are killed, Jack finally succeeds in defeating Aku. Jack and Ashi soon prepare to wed, only for Ashi to disappear when it's revealed that by defeating the demon, she could never have existed in the first place.

The final scene finds a heartbroken Jack watching a ladybug fly in a forest, which reminds him of Ashi. While the finale ends with Jack still alive, it also wrapped up and paid off every character on the show, so there’s seemingly little left for a potential season 6 to explore. Tartakovsky has also stated season 5 was the end of the show for him so he’s unlikely to return.

Will Samurai Jack Season 6 Ever Happen?

While Tartakovsky has seemingly shut the door on his involvement with a potential Samurai Jack season 6, he also stated there are 50 years of unexplored stories between season 4 and 5. He said he’d be open to other creators jumping in to explore those story gaps, but it won’t be him. While Samurai Jack season 5 ends on a sad note it’s also kind of the perfect, bittersweet finale for the character.

It could be fun to see what Jack was up to in-between seasons 4 and 5, but with Aku defeated, it would be a mistake to revive the series and continue from the finale. Maybe in another decade, Genndy Tartakovsky will have a great idea for Samurai Jack season 6, but it's probably best to end the series on a strong note.

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