Samurai Jack Season 5 Teaser Arrives

Samurai Jack season 5

Thanks to social media and the constant buzz of pop culture on the internet, it's currently the age of wish fulfillment and remakes, reboots and revivals—and that doesn't just apply to live-action movies and TV. Right now, animated features like Big Hero 6, Tangled and Hotel Transylvania are making the move to the small screen, while older series from the '80s and '90s such as Voltron and DuckTales are being brought back for new audiences. Then there's also the more recent favorites, for instance Young Justice and Samurai Jack, that after a not-so-brief hiatus will soon return to complete their stories.

Samurai Jack, in particular, was created by Genndy Tartakovsky (Star Wars: Clone Wars) and premiered back in 2001 on Cartoon Network, where it ran for a total of 52 episodes over four seasons. During its three years on the air, the series won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, 6 Annie Awards and 1 OIAF Award for its story about a samurai (voiced by Phil LaMarr) who is thrown into a dystopian futuristic Earth and must defeat the shape-shifting demon Aku while figuring out how to return to his time. Finally, next month (after a thirteen-year break), Jack will be back for one final season to close out the series once and for all.

Set fifty years after the original, season 5 on Adult Swim will be all about Jack finding his way back to the man he was before. As writer Darrick Bachman previously revealed, "Now we pick up with him and it’s many years after the fact and he’s a little bit lost. So, it’s a story of redemption and him trying to find who he is again.” The first teaser above highlights the new, darker season.

Samurai Jack Promotional Image 2016

Season 5 will also be very different for a number of other reasons. First, it will feature more mature elements and a cohesive story in order to wrap up Jack's journey. He'll even have a beard, wear armor and use firearms, as time has not been kind to Jack and he has become more like Aku in some ways. Standing in the rain in the first teaser, holding his trusty sword, a quick flash of lightning shows us "Jack's Back," but he doesn't appear to have his new full-grown beard just yet.

Over the course of 10 episodes, fans will be taken on a wild ride in season 5 with reveals every week that are set to take the series in many different directions. One episode will even focus on Jack having to deal with killing a person after years of only destroying robots. The first teaser is subtle and clearly only hints at what's to come. Still, as always, the animation of Samurai Jack looks beautiful, especially since this time around it will be drawn digitally instead of by hand. His return is very exciting for fans of animation, and hopefully fans will love seeing Jack brought to life one last time.

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Samurai Jack season 5 premieres as part of Adult Swim on March 11th, 2017.

Source: Adult Swim

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