Back in 2001, Samurai Jack premiered on Cartoon Network to rave reviews. Over four seasons, the series mixed martial arts and action with stunning animation and a hodgepodge world full of magic and multiple time periods. The results were Genndy Tartakovsky’s most praised piece of work, in a career that’s spanned Dexter’s Laboratory to the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Since the show ended a decade ago, fans have been eagerly hoping for some sort of revival. Given the current nature of TV, where everything from Prison Break to Gilmore Girls gets a second wind, it’s hardly a surprise that Samurai Back is returning.

Set to premiere next month on Adult Swim, the first trailer and synopsis for the show came a few weeks back. While it teased the return of some familiar faces, it also showed that the slight change of network was going to mean a darker and more intense show. The original was mostly aimed at kids and teens, but season 5 looks to capitalize on an older audience. Thanks to a new clip from the show, it looks like part of that shift will be a bigger focus on violence.

A brand new clip from the season has been released (via Screen Crush), which you can watch above. In it, an armored Jack mounts a motorcycle equipped with spiked wheels and mows down a line of giant robotic bugs. Though they’re not living, the action still sees the creatures brutally carved up, with one even getting its electrical guts ripped out in front of a family. While the show will still likely attract a younger audience, Adult Swim looks like it won’t be shying away from turning up the cartoon violence.

Samurai Jack versus Robot Bugs in Season 5 of the Adult Swim Revival Samurai Jack Season 5 Sneak Peek: Robots Are No Match For Jack

There’s a lot of things we’re hoping to see when Samurai Jack returns, especially our hero finally triumphing against the villainous Aku. After all, it’s his fault Jack is in this whole mess in the first place. Hopefully, there will be plenty of pop cultural references as well, given how much the original show was inspired by comics and martial arts movies.

The show also recently released a behind-the-scenes video showing some of the work that’s gone into the new season. It’s always fascinating to see how an animated series comes together, and the clip above highlights that the animation and unique direction of the original series is still intact. Most live-action shows can’t manage anything close to the kinetic fight sequences demonstrated in that one scene, so if it speaks for the show as a whole, fans are in for a treat.

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Samurai Jack premieres Saturday, March 11 at 11pm on Adult Swim.

Source: Cartoon Network (via Screen Crush)

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