Samuel L. Jackson Compares 'Powers' of Nick Fury to Frozone

Samuel L. Jackson might be adept at pulling the strings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nick Fury, but at Disney's D23 Expo event he reveals that he also likes owning super-powers himself. Whilst promoting his return as superhero Frozone in the much anticipated sequel The Incredibles 2, he compared the ice-throwing super to his eye-patched operative in the MCU.

The Incredibles was a huge hit for Pixar in 2004, and helped solidify the phenomena that superhero films would soon become. It focused on the Parr family, who were all outlawed "Supers"; Bob, aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Helen, aka Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dashiell Robert (Spencer Fox), and baby Jack-Jack. Jackson voiced Bob's best buddy Lucius Best, who had the alter ego of the ice-based vigilante Frozone. Movie highlights from that character included an untimely argument with his partner when he loses his costume during Syndrome's attack on the city, as well as his team-up with the Parrs at the climax. Jackson's return to the character was inevitable and confirmed by the actor back in 2014 before the script for the sequel was even complete.

With The Incredibles 2 now being showcased at D23, it gave the actor chance to reflect on and compare two of his most popular roles. As reported by, he said;

"Well you know it's different being in a studio and being on set and looking at people that are bigger than you and have super powers. At least in this one I have powers. When I'm Nick Fury I'm just kind of the only guy in the movie that really doesn't have powers. I'm just kind of angry, but anger can be a power."

Bruce Banner can probably back up the "anger can be a power" comment, but it's obvious that Jackson relishes playing the two different characters from alternate universes, even if he doesn't get to physically wear a suit or travel by ice-slide. The Incredibles 2 reportedly opens just moments after the end of The Incredibles, and will almost definitely start with a battle with The Underminer. The sequel will also contain 25 brand new superheroes and will focus on Elastigirl as oppose to Mr. Incredible. Director Brad Bird has promised that it will have a new direction and not be a simply repeat of the main plot points from the first film.

Despite the potential differences, and it's not hard to see Frozone easily slipping into the film's dynamics again and taking part in some amusing banter with his old friend Bob once more. Nick Fury is also set to become a major player in the MCU again, by appearing in The Avengers: Infinity War and also featuring in Captain Marvel. So it will be sometime until we see the last of Jackson's involvement with superheroes. We'll keep you updated with more news on The Incredibles 2 and the MCU as we get it.

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