Samuel L. Jackson Begins Incredibles 2 Recording Sessions 

Samuel L. Jackson reveals that he is officially back in the recording studio to voice Frozone in Disney's The Incredibles 2.

Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone in The Incredibles 2

Though one of Disney/Pixar's greatest assets is their penchant for original storytelling, some of those stories are too entertaining not to get the sequel treatment. Finding Nemo saw the premiere of its sequel Finding Dory just this summer, while the Toy Story films are slated for a fourth installment sometime down the road. Perhaps one of the animation company's most hotly anticipated movies, however, is The Incredibles 2.

The original Incredibles held the title of highest-grossing opening weekend for a Disney film for nine years, until it was upset by Thor: The Dark World, and took home the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. With a (supposedly) returning all-star cast and a script that writer-director Brad Bird promises will change it up without losing familiarity, fans are excited to see the sequel finally get off the ground. And it looks like, according to one of the movie's leads, it finally has.

Earlier today, Samuel L. Jackson took to Instagram to post a picture of himself in the recording studio. In the photo's caption, he announces that it is, in fact, from his first session voicing Frozone for The Incredibles 2. Check out the post, in full, below.


It's about to go down... First recording session for.... INCREDIBLES 2!!!!

A photo posted by Samuel L Jackson (@samuelljackson) on


Though Jackson foretold the return of Frozone years ago, it's still beyond cool to see the actor officially at work on the film. Until this point, Holly Hunter (Helen/Elastigirl) was the only confirmed returning cast member, so fans will be delighted to know that Jackson is joining her to reprise his role.

That said, it's still unclear who else will return to the world of The Incredibles in the coming year. It's likely Brad Bird will make another show-stealing cameo as Edna Mode, and it wouldn't make much sense to see Elastigirl without Mr. Incredible. We're not sure what to expect from the film's cast of kid characters, though, as their fate could tell us whether or not the film will be an immediate follow-up to the events of its predecessor. If The Incredibles 2 does in fact take place soon after The Incredibles, producers will likely have to find someone to voice Dash, as his original actor was eleven when the first film debuted. If the characters have aged according to our timeline, or somewhere in between, that would mean casting is looking for a new Jack Jack, who would be twelve years old in this universe.

No matter what, it's great to see production for The Incredibles 2 officially in swing, and especially to get confirmation that Samuel L. Jackson will once again lend his vocal talents. After all, there are few lines from animated films as iconic as, "Honey, where's my supersuit?!"

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