Nick Fury To Play Bigger Role In Iron Man 2

"As a matter of fact, 'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau spoke to me at the Scream Awards last night, and told me that Nick Fury would have a much more prominent role in the second one (Iron Man II)."


That sounds good to me. Even though Nick Fury played the most minor of roles in the after-the-credits scene in Iron Man, that role had one of the biggest impacts on the fanboy audience. One of the greater things going for Marvel and their upcoming slate of films is that they share a universe and are within each other's continuity. Nick Fury as the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a key to bringing these films and their respective characters together leading up to the future Avengers team-up flick.

When Mr. Jackson was chosen for the role of Nick Fury, there was a bit of a controversy about Marvel not going with the traditional Marvel Universe's "white" Nick Fury character and instead going with the Fury from the ultimate universe. After seeing Fury on screen, I think a lot of that worry and controversy has settled.

I really dug Fury's presence and mannerisms in his short scene. As long as they don't turn him over-the-top and keep him as a serious behind-the-scenes leader, then I can't wait to see more!

What do you think? Do you like the Film's Nick Fury? Do you want more of him?

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