Samuel Jackson Priced Out of Nick Fury Role?

Samuel Jackson is not happy. Negotiations with Marvel for his continuing role as Nick Fury have broken down due to money issues.

As it stands, Nick Fury has shown up at the end of Iron Man, and there are were plans for his appearance in Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers.

Suspicions are that Jackson was angling for a bigger payday, but the policy is that Marvel does not comment on active negotiations. So it's all just speculation right now, though it seems that Marvel does want to see Jackson in the role.

We've already seen money possibly be the issue with Don Cheadle taking over Terrence Howard's role of Rhodey / War Machine in Iron Man 2. Marvel also has to look to the future of how much it  might cost them to place key actors in key roles and then have them all come together in what may be one very expensive Avengers flick. Heck, they've already got to pay for Downey Jr., (possibly) Edward Norton and whoever else they tag to play Thor and Captain America. When you look at that kind of math, you have to wonder who else they can afford to fill out the supporting roles. All I know is that The Avengers better be something epic, becuase as costly as the project is already looking, Marvel is going to have a hard time turning any kind of profit from the film.

Meanwhile, Jackson is maintaining his usual cool. As he put it, either someone else will be playing Nick Fury (despite the role being written for Jackson), or Fury won't even be in the films. Maybe they can get David Hasselhoff to reprise his 1998 role as Nick Fury on the cheap! OK, that was a terrible joke and it's late. I apologize.

How do you feel about the idea that Jackson may not play Fury in upcoming Avengers films? I for one will not be happy if this negotiation falls apart.

Source: LA Times,

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