Samantha Bee TBS Talk Show Gets A Title; Will Premiere In Early 2016

There was a point somewhere during the last fifteen years where The Daily Show became television’s new SNL when it came to talent discovery. Like the NBC series in its heyday, many of Jon Stewart’s alums have gone on to great things - with members of that pack including John Oliver (Last Week Tonight), and now, Samantha Bee.

Prior to Stewart’s departure, Bee left her post at The Daily Show earlier in 2015, in order to take on the mantle of hosting her own show at TBS. Now, after months of teasing, a new promo (which you can watch above) is finally filling us in on that’s show title and premiere month.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (as this new show is titled) certainly feels appropriate for the comedian. Bee became known as one of The Daily Show’s go-to correspondents after awhile for her ability to deliver even the crassest of jokes with a sense of style. This promo is no different. The moment Bee pulled out her “10 pound lady balls” is the moment she assured the world that the version of her we’ll be getting on the new show is the one we’ve always enjoyed.

Samantha Bee TBS show titled Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

At first it seemed like TBS was going to launch Bee's show in Fall 2015, but given the fact that another Daily Show alum – Stephen Colbert – is already making the biggest late night launch of the fall with CBS’ revamped Late Show, it makes sense to push Bee out to January - where the competition for viewership eyeballs is much less fierce. Also, the mid-season seems to do well for Daily Show alum premieres in general; both Last Week Tonight and The Nightly Show were mid-season premieres that did well in the ratings, from the very beginning.

It seems like a safe bet that TBS will be using Conan as a lead-in for Bee as well, which would put TBS in even greater competition with Comedy Central for basic-cable dominance in the late-night field. As such, 2016 may see the start of a time-slot war between Conan/Bee and Noah/Wilmore/Hardwick. Both networks are striving for the same demo, and both have hosts that, that demo wants to see. Ultimately, DVR is probably going to become a bigger factor than ever in determining success in the coming months for either network.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee will be premiering in January 2016 on TBS.

Source: TBS

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