Sam Worthington Is A "Tourist" With Charlize Theron

Credit must really be given to Sam Worthington's agent. The man really works his socks off for his client.

Hot on the heels of the Australian star being cast in James Cameron's Avatar, Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans comes news that he is set to replace Tom Cruise in The Tourist opposite Charlize Theron.

In the thriller Worthington will play a tourist who is used by an Interpol agent(Theron) to flush out an international criminal.

The male lead was originally supposed to be American and there are currently no details as to whether the filmmakers will make the character Australian to accommodate Worthington's natural tones.

Tom Cruise had been mulling over starring in the film since last year (along with a whole host of projects) and his loss now appears to be Worthington's gain as the young actor ratchets up another high profile acting job.

Bharat Nalluri will direct this remake of the 2005 French film, Anthony Zimmer. This new Hollywood version has been penned by Oscar-winning screenwriters Julian Fellowes, Chris McQuarrie (who was brought in at the request of Cruise) and Bill Wheeler.

It's not the only foreign remake that Worthington has become attached to, he's also currently set to star in a new version of the Danish thriller The Candidate, a film which is allegedly similar to David Fincher's superb Michael Douglas starrer The Game.

The Tourist starts shooting in January 2010.

Meanwhile James Cameron's Avatar opens on December 18, 2009

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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