Sam Worthington Squashes Flash Gordon Rumor

Sam Worthington's named popped up yet again for the starring role in another major film project but unsurpringly, he has denied the rumor himself in an e-mail to Harry at Ain't It Cool News.

As mentioned in our discussion of the Sam Worthington/Ryan Reynolds rumor for the lead role of the Flash Gordon remake, it doesn't mean much to see Sam or Ryan's names mentioned for a role like this as they will be listed as candidates for every major leading role.

This particular part however, like the Captain America rumors, had some displeased at the idea of having non-American actors playing iconic American characters.  To me, that's not too much of a big deal and getting an actor who can look and play the part the best is of most importance, no matter their origins.

Harry occasionally chats back and forth with Mr. Worthington through e-mail and in their recent conversation, they discussed the Flash Gordon rumor.

"There is no validity to the rumours.

Sometimes, as you know, studios tend to just scat ideas and they leak out - but its the first i have heard about it mate."

So, there's  nothing to it and the original site that reported this again has reported a rumor that has turned out false.

Worthington, like Reynolds and few other currently-in-demand stars will be and are talked about for every major role that's in need to be filled at the moment so there's no doubt their names would come up in studio discussions.

That's not to say he can't be playing Flash however, as there's been no movement on the casting side of things. When we hear something new on the re-imagining of Flash Gordon, Screen Rant will let you know.

Source: AICN

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